Orange Thanos. Imposter POTUS. Donnie Darko. Whatever y’all call him, he out her being super reckless, because colonizers have set him up as a patron saint of mediocre whiteness. They will stop at nothing to make sure the pedestal under him doesn’t rock, snag or fall–even if they have to use their bodies and legacies to ensure it. Whew, chile the ghetto!

Let’s get it!

#TheJuiceIsLoose #HowIsThisLife #OJSimpson #HowTheMightyHaveFallen #AndStayFallen #IDontGetIt #WhatTheFrenchToast #ThingsICantHandle #TheJuiceShouldNotBeTweeting

I am a DV survivor. Now, I don’t go around with that as a badge on my chest, but it is someone that happened to me. And almost died. I was 13-14 during the OJ Simpson Trial. I also remember when this now 70+ year old dusty Negro went to this memorabilia event and tried to get ‘his stuff back’. The fact that he served this time, is still a person that my father once cheered on during is amazing NFL career, and is on Twitter with this creepy Pennywise from Derry expression? I have all the feelings about.

It–I feel away that this man has access to a phone, the internet, and the English alphabet to spout out all this outrageous isht. It’s the same way I feel when I see White Supremacists with the same access. But the thing about this? I know White Supremacists have this measuring cup full of wisdom that whole community shares. But with this? With OJ being on Jack’s Twitter? This just doesn’t feel right, beloveds. Mark my words.

#Reparations #TNCLetHave #BlackWritersMatter #USSenateHousesPlantationOwnersAndOverseers  #McConnellIsAHierlingAndDemon #AintNobodyPlayingWithMitch

Sitting US Senator Mitch McConnell said that reparations to the descendants of slaves because of the election of the 44th president, Barack Hussein Obama. He said this sober and unprovoked. I am done. It’s not even hilarious, it’s utterly tragic.

The killer part? The government is still paying pensions to Confederate widows; McConnell said reparations don’t need to be paid because ‘no one who participated in that is alive.’ I cannot with this man. Him, and his wife, are evil as Bundy, Dalmer and Gacy put together! I am so glad that Ta-Nahsi Coates took the evil almost ninja turtle to task before the House about this. The government won’t pay reparations because it doesn’t want to. In acknowledging this, in paying for chattel slavery? The government would have to acknowledge the concerted effort to oppress and disenfranchise those same descendants. We know why they won’t pay it! We know they need to pay it! The reparations to and for the African-American people are the constant occurring bill the government refuses to pay.  But this bill keeps coming due, don’t it?

I need (former) Senator Harry Reid to live long enough to see this (bleep) and his wife thrown in jail.

#IssaRae #WomenInFilm #GetAtIt #Build #Hustle #HumbleForWhat #WomenDoAllaEverything #TheHustleIsReal #Entrepreneurship

I am a mogul in the making.

I totally get the swag that Issa Rae strode in with. Too often we as women are talked out of dimming our light, hiding our shine, and minimizing our achievements. The fact that Issa did that in the spirit of hip-hop? It’s lit.

It’s really lit!

I couldn’t help but laugh when she walked in all her glory and power! I mean, she worked hard for this! She hustled, cried, spent money, lost money and kept the vision in mind. She kept the goal in mind! And she did it, with recognition! Bruh!

We as women have the right to achieve! We have the right to want more, to build, create and engineer opportunities for others to grab hold to our follow. We have right to dream, girl! So while I dream, you dream, we gon dream big as we can and want! If they gon talk anyway, might as well give them something to watch. Swag surfin’ indeed.

There is a power in rest and being able to regroup. This week, as it ends, I want you to regroup. I want you to find the joy. I want you not to lie to yourself.  I want you to be able to smile and laugh—so you can keep fighting. See y’all next week!

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