Let Us Love You (Part 2)

Love is the why.

It doesn’t make you soft to be soft around the person that loves you. I am famous for saying, “I can’t fight the world and you too.” I believe that relationships should be shelters. They should be built on the rock of honesty and fairness. They should be this havens or habors for the people in them. I never should have to fight to exist in the same space as the person that I love.

With that said, I want to remind you of the amazing nature of love and the life that it allows you to build. On behalf of the women that love you, I ask one thing:

Let us in.

Let us love you beyond sexual contortions and the orgasms they bring. Let us love you on the good days and the bad. Let us see all you are, and speak to who you will become! Don’t expect us to fix it, but let us see that something is broken. We need to see you as Superman and Clark Kent! Let us see how strong you can be, and what it means to be have kryptonite. Let us see all of you.

I want you all to understand that we as the girlfriends, baes, wives, shugs and acknowledged crushes, we want you to know that we need you. We need you to see all of us–and we need to see all of you. We need to have the freedom to carry your heart in our chest. We need to know that you are our soft place to fall. And that we can be yours.

Let us in.

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Let us see the wounds and love you anyway. Let us see all that is complex and lasting and utterly true. I know the world desires to beat the sweet and soft from little boys. It makes them cover the scars and doubts, smother tears and cover their eyes while they are still afraid of the dark. It also teaches little boys that prowess an performance are more than the adequate determinate to manhood. The world is not accustom to young men that know how to emote and aren’t afraid to. In some cases, they lock those emotions away until they bubble up, over, and spill out onto the women that love you–in hot venomous waves.

Don’t do that.

Let us in. Trust that we can handle what we see. Trust us to love you. Trust us to see you. Let our love reach, and pull you close. You don’t need another mother; you’re already raised. What you need is someone that will love you, without apology. Tell you the truth when it hurts. And is unafraid to love you in your deepest parts.

Let us in. Please, let us in.

[images from yourtango.com and pinterest]

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