Y’all! The evil one eyed bandit that is Sarah Huckabee Sanders is being banished to the Shadow Realm! There is a blonde phenom outta LSU–that is giving all Florence Griffith Joyner!–and is now the fastest woman in the world! Not only that! Queen Crock Kellyanne is being looked at to be chopped! Be careful, doe. Too much light on her and she might melt.

Let’s get it!

#LSU #FloJo #BlackGirlMagic #WeAncestral #SheCarriRichardson #GetEmSis #FastestWomanInTheWorld


I am old enough to remember the dynamic and beautiful Florence Griffith Joyner.

Stop here. Google her. I did it for you. Click here.

As a Black girl who could run, me and every Black girl I knew all wanted to be like FloJo. She was pretty. She was fashionable, and she was FAST, bruh! I cannot explain to you the joy of watching her run. With her nails, hair and bright outfits! She was everything–and still is!

When I heard about SheCarri? When I saw her run?! I almost wept! When sis came through that lane looking like a whole mythic creature? I am a fan! At 18 (!) she is the fastest woman in the world: Black, pierced and with stiletto nails! Give em all this magic, SheCarri! All of it!

#Sudan #Protests #Activism #GlobalStage #MilitaryEncampment #WTH #BlackLivesMatterEverywhere #FergusonIsEverywhere

118 Black bodies in the life-giving Nile.

That seems so tragic in the worst way. The upheaval and uprising after the ousting of the former president Omar al-Bashir has thrown the Sudanese people into a tailspin that we saw with Rwanda. It makes me so sad, seeing this happening. What is more disconcerting is there aren’t more media outlets talking about this!

The government has shut down the internet! The protesters are suspicious of the government! Like, I’ve heard this song before. But before it was tanks on West Florissant. And tear gassing people. And calling people refugees in their own country when levees broke.

I will always stand with people trying to affect change in the face of evil. I’m sending my strength and prayers with them.

#WhenTheySeeUs #Netflix #BlackArt #TheyGotLindaAndLiz #AvaDuvernay #WeSeeThemNow #CP5

When They See Us is now one of the most watched documentaries in the history of Netflix.

Think about that.

With this evil unfurled for the world to see, the careers (and motives) of Linda Fairstein and her second chair henchman Elizabeth Lederer. Linda wrote an op-ed for the WSJ where she railed against the documentary and anyone associated with it. Elizabeth was ousted by the adamant Black law student body of Columbia University–where she taught!

This is why I cannot overstate the need for minority people to write! To know their own stories and history! These women are not the only people ever in power to abuse it. To lie. To cover. To hedge. To build their successes off the dissemination of other people. This nation is was built on this exercise of strength by oppressive domination!

These young boys, now men, weren’t the only ones caught up. They were seen. There story heard! There is nothing this women can say that will erase what they did. Nothing. And the killer part? Linda’s privilege to this day will not acknowledge what she did–and made her believe writing this op-ed would be absolution.

No. Not at all. No ma’am.

Tell the stories, y’all. The ugly ones. The funny ones. The sad ones. But they have to be told. People can only lie so long as when no one confronts them on it. “The goal of the artist is to disturb the peace,” James Baldwin said. By all means, let’s keep doing it!

This week has me both reeling and rejoicing. Keep the faith, dear ones! Know that there is still joy and love in the world. There is still a God, there is still hope and there is still sunlight. Find the light. See y’all next week!

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