From the mass shooting in Virginia Beach; the young woman in Brooklyn whose life was snuffed because bullies are animals; to Robert Mueller telling Congress (in effect): “Y’all see this, right?! Y’all better do something–yesterday!” It’s hard out here, Torches. But we will keep going!

Let’s get it!

#Batman #FromEdwardToBruce #NewerBruceWayne #Movies #ThisMightBeRealSexy

Okay, okay. I admit it. Your girl is a fan of Twilight. In my defense, I think Robert Pattinson is a good actor. I am vampire biased; the vampires of my youth didn’t sparkle. And Gary Oldman’s Dracula? On par with Bela Lugosi (this is not a debate)!

But, I’m excited to see this! I think if it’s done right? This could be really good. I mean, y’all let Ben Affleck be Bruce Wayne/The Dark Knight. Why not let Robert?

Let him be great.

#Boston #FTP #FilmThePolice #FightThePower #Push #F-ckThePolice #RecordThePolice

This week in Boston a federal court ruled that it is okay for citizens to record the police. There were 9 people that were arrested for doing this! Mane! The police are not above the law they enforce! Police abuses are not new, they are just being recorded now! They are being leaked to journalists. This notorious footage is uploaded and viral now!

Recording the police will ensure (some semblance of) accountability! You cannot say you serve and protect the same public you want to murder! Or be indignant that someone caught you exercising professional discretion. When the video evidence shows that you thought you could get away with abuse or murder. Try again, mofo. Try again.

#SayHerName #Bullying #Accountability #WTF #ICant #TheRage #MyaVizcarradoRios

First, click here to read this.

Then once you get mad, focus on this passage:

“A guidance counselor and the school’s principal, Keri Alfano, knew about the bullying, but her teachers and school officials didn’t think enough about her absence that day to go looking for her before she died, the lawsuit alleges. The principal did not immediately return a call for comment.”

They knew. And did nothing.

This beautiful child was bullied and the whole admin staff knew. They sent her back to class, they didn’t tell her parents and this whole situation makes me want to scream. This child (!!) was sexually assaulted in an empty auditorium during the school day!

I am beyond…anything rational!

Mya jumped off her building into the waiting air of the day. Omigoodness, I cannot even imagine! I need people to understand if someone would have taken care of her, watched out for her–she shouldn’t be dead! Dead!

But people want to get on the one mother that went viral for going to her daughter’s class and saying she would whup someone’s child’s ass over hers! Nall, so would I!

Find the trash boys that did this to her, and prosecute both of them. As Matt McConaughey said in A Time To Kill, delivering his closing arguments about the Black girl that was raped and beaten: “Now, pretend that child is White.”

Pretend Mya is White and do what you would if this was an SVU episode.

Keep going, darlings! Don’t let the demons win. See y’all next week.


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