How Community Loves You Back

In Toni Morrison’s book, Home, the prologue talks about the mystery that is this place called home. The line that sticks out to me says:

“…then why does my key fit this lock?”

That’s in essence what community is. It is access. It is a safe place. It is a key to a place you should be able to find refuge, support and hope. Community love allows for greater capacity for self-acceptance and resources.

There is something remarkable when you enter a space that you know is open to you by the sheer fact that you exist. A place that is set apart and yet secret to the world around you.

The additional joy? Communities are like sandwiches! They are and have layers. They are Venn Diagrams. There is always these wondrous points of overlap which allow the world to become both bigger and more intimate. For me?I’m not just Black, but Black, woman and blogger and writer. Community allows space in the same way keys to houses do. The key is merely access. The house holds the safety of its structure. In the rooms of it is where you find further refuge and self!

Everyone needs to know they belong somewhere and where to belong. It is natural to want to be home. We need to stop changing locks for those that only want to come home. We must stop denying room and space to those we know need it.

It serves to move no community forward when the access is denied to those of that community most vulnerable! Love should be the richest, most plentiful resource any community can offer. Love is why. It is the access and key.

As long as love holds up the world, nothing can be lost. As long love powers, empowers, a community, no one can be lost.

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