There is an eerie feel to this week. From the Gotti-Correleone exploits in Washington, D.C.; all the Brexit isht rolling down hill and then over Theresa May; the Washington Post trying to come for Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren for working two jobs. The world just got a little more unsafe to be a woman (cis and especially trans!)!

Remember:  Swamps can only be created and maintained by the presence of alligators.

Let’s get it!

#SayHerName #BlackTranswomenMatter #TranslivesMatter #LoveIsTheWhy #ThisDogDontHunt #HowWhyWhat #ThisIsNonsense #BiggerLiesInTexas #MuhlaysiaBooker #DallasIsWrongForThis

I am so tired of this.

I am so tired of transwomen, transwomen of color being killed for sport. I cannot deal with this anymore! I will say this once more, yet again and still. Most transwomen just want to live! The average life expectancy for transwomen of color is 35. For perspective? I am 37. Blogger, activist and transwoman Ms. Diamond Stylz (look for her on the podcast Marsha’s Plate and on YouTube) said that the deaths of transwomen is a workhorse for donation of barely aware non-profit organizations, and nothing changes.

Why is it hard to let transwomen just live? Last month this woman was attacked after a traffic stop by a gang of chuckleheads–whom were all Black and male (don’t even get me started on the level of effed up this is!)–and now a month later? After a viral video? After the money was given, she is dead?!

I legit am infuriated. I am lacking the words to express this aside from “This is beyond fucked up!” Why is a woman (cis/trans) living her life, bother toxic masculinity? Why is this an issue?! Like?! I do not understand this bullshit. If you are not a trans-attracted person, why is a trans person simply existing, bothering people?! Is your manhood that fragile, that small, that narrow, that someone living as they believe they should be, infringe on you? I don’t get it. And she didn’t deserve to die for it…

#TheWorldIsMad #WTF #LeaveMyLadyPartsAlone#Missouri #Pregnancy #Babies #ProLifeVsProBirth #RapeCulture #SouthCarolina

As is this week couldn’t be more repugnant, South Carolina has now considered implementing legislation that would not allow a woman to revoke consent after a sexual act has begun. Missouri has officially cast its lot with the womb police to try and keep women pregnant.

…when there are women still killing babies after carrying them nine months.

…when the Brock Turners of the world can call what is and still quantified as rape to downgrade it to ‘twenty minutes of action’.

You want to legislate women’s bodies but not yep trash AF men to not rape women?!

Oh, I get it.

Spread then seed far and wide in fertile soil, but don’t uproot anything. A woman has as then presence, sentiency as a dairy cow! And have to be treated as such. I know the right likes to quote Republican Jesus, but the Jesus I know and serve? He respected women. He gave them help, love support and resources. I don’t know what this is…but it’s not God.

#WhatsBetterThanOneBillionaire #TwoEspeciallyIfTheyTheSameHueAsYou #RobertFSmith #OprahWinfrey #HBCU #HowVeryDareYou #Giving #Push #Gratitude #MoorehouseCollege

Billionaire Robert F. Smith has paid the student loans for the entire 2019 graduating class of Moorehouse College. That has been estimated to be about/better than $50 million dollars.


But someone thought it would be cute to put Oprah on blast. How you ask? This super stupid person asked why didn’t Oprah do something similar to this? See there. This question had to have been posed by someone born after 1995. Oprah has been sending people, Black people, to college. She’s given away cars, and blessed individual college students, and started charities (Hello! The Angel Network!)

Education is her sphere of influence! When she answered this wet ear child, she said she had sent 400 people to just Moorehouse.

It’s amazing how quick the world has something to say when they have an idea about what you need to do. Whew, Father! Some people move at the speed of WTF.

I know this is a lot this week. So, because GOD is able, India.Arie recorded Steady Love with David Banner. If love holds up the world, nothing can be lost.

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