Torches & Firestarters: Why Communities (And The World!) Needs You

When I started this corner of the internet almost three years ago, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I had no niche. I had no plan. I almost gave up on it—more than once.

Now, what started as something to do while killing hours at an old job, as turned to this marvelous place that is accepting, unapologetically Black, focusing on diversity, humor and activism.

And all of you, my precious Torches!

Y’all make this space welcoming! You for me as the admin, as well as my staff, to push to make every post, every Hotsheet as dope as possible.

At last count, this blog is read all over the world. All. Over. The. World. This means there are Torches whom are Japanese, German, Swiss, Finnish and from Micronesia! The marvelous people that follow this space have decided they love what we have to say—and are delighted to see The Ideal Firestarter in their inboxes.

That is the cool thing about following a blog and even commenting on it! It gives you a sense of belonging. Camaraderie and fellowship! You have something look forward to! Maybe even it makes your day! You have your favorite (other than MeMe), and love what they have to say.

That is the best thing about social media, and following spaces like this! You get to glean, discuss and share beyond the boundaries your screen. You get to take the idea, concept, joke or encouragement to everyone you know. Whether they be IRL or nah.

Do you realize every time you log on to this site, you are welcome! You are welcome to look around, contact us, and if need be and necessary—confide in us.

The Ideal Firestarter is an LGBTQIA safe space.

What Al Gore’s innanet has done is make the world a little closer. A little quieter. It has made community readily available and everywhere! From Facebook Groups, blogs, and instant messaging, community is everywhere!

You can be a Torch in Ontario, or Vallejo. You can become a Torch by a Google search, Facebook share or word of mouth! Community is everywhere. Wherever you can take The Ideal Firestarter, the community goes with you!

We laugh with you. Cry with you. Crack up to RUNITBACK Friday with the other 200-plus people. You’re a Firestarter. That makes you a Torch. We are always happy to have you.

Just wipe your feet ‘foe you come in the house.

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