William Barr is not a wartime conciliare, and someone ought to tellum so! We as the artistic community are reeling from the loss of John Singelton, and trying to #DontSpoilTheEndGame. The trifecta of Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss America are all Black women, and all this Black Girl Magic? The world juss gon’ have to deal with it. So, you know what we do, how we do–let’s get it!

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I was in fifth grade when Boyz In The Hood came out in theaters. I remember the LA Riots that came after the Rodney King verdict. I remember that Spike Lee and John Singleton had this appeal that I thought was incredible. My father didn’t think that writing was neither and art or a profession. When I finally saw Boyz In The Hood, I was amazed! From there, in being honest, I really fell in love with movies–because I saw people that looked like me.

That is prolific. It is profound. And as a young Black girl that wrote? It helped me to believe that I could, maybe, do this same thing.

#MississippiAtItAgain #BrownVsBoardOfEducation #WTF #ThisIsStillHappening #GiveSisHerShine #StopColonizers #BlackExellence #IsExcellencePossibleInAStateThatBelievesColorIsInferior #OleciaJames

When this story came to my attention earlier this week, I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t shocked on two fronts really. The first is I’ve been a brilliant kid in a district that surrounding, outside districts thought was less than. Ergo, any student that came from said district was less than.

When this happened to Olecia James in Jackson, I was mad. I was really beyond mad! The reason she as stripped of her title as salutatorian was because her grades weren’t seen as of the same quality of other students. What does this mean?

The school she is graduating from is a merging of two separate schools: one that was all Black and one that was all White. These two schools became one integrated high school. This is 60 years past Brown v. Board of Education! But, it’s Mississippi. I live in Mississippi North-Missouri. But let’s keep going.

The bulk of her credits were from East Side High–historically, all Black high school. When this school merged with Cleveland High School, the new school became Cleveland Central High School. Olecia’s 4.41 GPA became a 4.31, then a 4.33 with this new transcript evaluation.

An ‘A’ from East Side wasn’t the same weight as an ‘A’ from Cleveland.

So, the distinction of salutatorian has moved to a person named in the complaint against the Cleveland School District, known only as W.M.

I’m not going to curse, but I do need y’all to know the level of bullshit this is. I need y’all to understand the threat of the intersection of Black and educated is to fragile White authority structure. The district (clearly!) didn’t want a pretty Black girl being the face of it’s ‘new’ school! Why? Then all the fragile, scared White folk would leave! We can’t have that! This is the same mentality that had the suitemates to Michelle Robinson to move out of her dorm in Princeton.

I pray she wins this suit. I really do! I hope she gets enough money from these archaic good ole boys and dusty waterlily Southern Belles to pay for her kids’ grad school! As well as hers! Y’all gon stop playing with education of Black children.

The world is Brown and Black. No amount of Tr*mp dick sucking will change that.

#Facebook #Censorship #WTF #FarrakanDoe #Really #ICannotDeal #ThisIsASpecialKindaStupid #WhatTheDeuce #ICantEvenIfICould

With all the shenanigans on Al Gore’s innanet, and Jack’s Twitter, you gotta know that this was coming.

This week, Milo Iwontevenbothertospellhislastname and Alex Jones have been banned from Facebook. Good! Milo is a cancer and Alex Jones is a vapid hellspawn. I know that Louis Farrakan is problematic. I still believe that he desires to replace Malcolm X in the public memory. I think that he’s problematic. But is he problematic to the point of censorship? No. I don’t think that he is.

If you can censor him, censor the racist, xenophobic, diet anti-Semite attempting to run the country, while fuckin up the whole damn world. Just saying

I know this week so many things have happened, Torches. But as I say to you all often, maintain hope. You can do it. Love. Find the joy. Don’t thirst for the bitter. You are more powerful than you think.

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