The Community I Never Thought I Would Need


While at home recovering from surgery, my creative juices have not been flowing ironically.

One would think when you have nothing but ample time sit around, you would come up with all sorts of ideas, thoughts, or hell, maybe even the cure for the common cold! Unfortunately that hasn’t been my process. Throughout my recovery, I knew I needed to write. I knew I needed to get my creative juices flowing. Yet, there was something there that wasn’t letting me get there.

Let me stop playing, it was the painkillers that stopped a sister’s shine (they gave me the good stuff!)!

So, when the theme for this month was presented to me my first thought was “Oh my goodness! How am I going to write about this with no creative motivation flowing?”

I knew that my motivation level was down in a place where I needed a real jumpstart. I’m relatively active on social media; typically posting wild thoughts, memes with iconic captions, or taking news topics and discussing it in a more lighthearted way. All of that had been very minimal, but rest assured I was being the ultimate lurker.

At 3 a.m., as I struggled to get out of bed my mind went into overdrive. “Okay, that’s enough! You have to get your creative juices flowing”.

As I finally was able to sit up in my bed, I began to repeat the word “community” over and over again. Possibly after the 10th time saying it, I had question myself. “How could you not be motivated to write on this particular subject as you are currently living a perfect example of community”?

I went to the ER on Friday at 2:30 p.m. I was being admitted into the hospital by 5:23pm. I was told I had to have surgery. This left me with no time to get anything in order. As swift as my surgery news came through, My community–my village–came to assure me that my daughter would be taken care of. And so would I.

Upon my discharge from the hospital I was told that I wouldn’t be able to drive for 2 weeks. I mean, I wasn’t even going to be able to lift anything as heavy as a gallon of milk! I’m sure you can imagine my thoughts on this as a very independent person.

How am I going to do this?

How was I able to do this?

Through my community took care of me. Everything from making sure I had ride to wherever I needed to get to; bringing over groceries and making sure I took my medication! My community made sure I did my breathing exercises and coming over to clean up. Even my 12-year-old daughter wanted to be apart of the community!She washed my linen. She made up my bed. She even took out the trash without me having to ask.

Just the volume of things that happened during the stint of my recovery made me realize something. Sometimes we hear a word and our minds go to such a grander definition of a word that we lose the core value of it.

Looking at those nuisances of my situation gave a deeper perspective on the value of community.

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