The Revolution Is Being Televised. Don’t Just Watch. Do Something.

We have thrown a lot at you all this month. We have explored what it means to be revolutionary. Even what it means to take part in the current movement. But, what I need to impress on you is the revolution is on-going.

And it needs all of US.

Being a revolutionary means that you desire change and betterment of all people. Change is the only permanent thing in this life. There is always something to do; something to build; someone to help or inspire.

Being revolutionary requires allyship, compassion and understanding. It requires involvement even when it seems uncomfortable. It will require you confronting systems of power and injustice. You will have to become brave when it is easier to run. It will require an honesty which may scare people.

It may even require you using your phone as a weapon of influence to record the police or other evil happenings around you.

Being a revolutionary is not a trend. It’s a choice. It demands your heart and spirit be accessible and receptive to opportunities given.

These gestures or actions don’t have to be grand and known to the world. It can be as simple as filming a police stop. Helping organize a protest. Paying into the jail fund. Even helping a brilliant student get into college or find a job.

But the revolution is more than a hash tag. It is more, bigger, than a retweet. It’s more than a t-shirt. Once you understand this, and that your life along with all those you touch matter, then you can change the world.

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