Endgame opened about 24 hours ago. The world needs to remember that heroes still exist. That as dark as it is, there is still hope. See it, don’t spoil it. Again, #DontSpoilTheEndgame!

Let’s get it!

#YeezusSendHelp #FalseProphets #WhatKindaIsht #WhoDoesHeThinkHeIs #DearLord #HoodiesHowMuch #WhereIsGodInThisHere #GetMorganFreeman

So, Coachella was last weekend. Besides Ariana Grande getting a lemon thrown at her, I thought nothing else was noteworthy. That is until I found out that Kanye Omari West had a “Sunday Service.” Selling church socks for $50 a piece and Holy Spirit tees for $225. That’s not a typo.

Now, I’m all for Kanye finding God and staying with Him. But this reeks of being opportunistic. I can’t help it, and I am not sorry. It’s going to take more than stunts to fix this lunacy! You can’t remix gospel music and make me forget you called American chattel slavery a choice! You cannot make me forget he wore a MAGA hat and called 45 a father figure. You cannot expect me to endorse this level, this level, of abject nonsense! I refuse to have the faith which has anchored me, exploited this way!

Ezekiel 25:17. Some get Samuel L. Jackson to read it in his hearing, as the old preachers would say.

#BlacChina #NahNallNope #MakeItMakeSense #IvyLeagueLies #FirstAuntBeckyNowThis #HarvardUniversityIsNotForPlayPlay

Y’all know I can’t do nothing Kardashian related. I think all them heffas do too much! Which is why I thought Angela White (Blac China) fit right in with these broads!

With that said, I tried to keep an open mind about her being accepted to Harvard! I really did! I thought she was trying to do good and secure bags. But, like always, here she come with the shit!

She didn’t get in to Harvard (Okay, fine.). But to fake the acceptance letter?! This is right up there with this affluent, non-melaninated people paying to get their kids in schools they can/could easily pay for! I am legit so sick of this broad! Every time you look up, she on one!

I am convinced she is a symbiote of Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives! She’s a having kids for cash registers too. If Evelyn is Venom, the Angela is Carnage. Don’t at me.

#RidingWithBiden #UncleJoe #Election2020 #BeatOrangeThanos2020 #DamnThis #WhatNow #WhereIsFury #GetMariaRambeau

Okay, y’all.

All I want you to do is think about 4 more years of the bullshit we have already had. The world cannot deal with that. If Joe Biden wants to rub—and he can WIN—that’s all that matters.

We know the world is looking to this nation for the (read: perceived) assurance White men bring. We also know that Orange Thanos is criminal; John Gotti in a bad suit. The goal is to DEPOSE this mofo!

No more. No less.

At this point, I believe that Orange Thanos can be defeated—by either Elizabeth Warren or Joe Biden.

Some of us are old enough to remember the Crime Bill of the 1990s, mandatory minimums which lead to the label ‘super predators’—the oil for the prison industrial complex. We know that that he wasn’t the best advocate for women, namely Anita Hill.

He’s going to have to answer for being problematic and in some cases, trash! However, hold that same accountability to the Christian president that admitted to ‘grab em by the pussy.’ Keep that same energy. That’s all I’m saying.

We can’t do 4 more years of this. Depose by any legal means necessary.

This week, I am proud of humanity. There seems to be a definite shift towards light this week. Keep the light, Torches. Keep the light.

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