‘Both/And Culture’: Why Cancelling Doesn’t Help The Movement

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The thing about cancelling problematic celebrities is it doesn’t solve anything. It is the equivalent of putting a child in time out.

You give a consequences to child for behavior you want to to curb. You put them away to make them understand that their behavior is problematic. But, let me tell you a secret:

Cancel culture is problematic.

Cancelling someone is not revolutionary.

However, you know what is revolutionary? Making teaching moments out and from cancel culture. We have to get past the point of putting cats in corners, just ignoring their behavior because we don’t like it.

It has to go beyond that! What makes teaching revolutionary is it two-fold. It allows you to identify problematic-trash behavior, and be influential in rectifying it.

It’s not just enough to cancel Kodak Black for trash comments. We have to tell him why it’s problematic to demean and abuse women and set feasible consequences! When problems and behaviors are confronted without flinching or excuses, that is revolutionary.

Cancel culture is getting old.

What I need from us as people of color is to accountability. Make that revolutionary instead of reactionary! I need us as a community to realize that accountability or not just or available ‘just for White folks.’ Without accountability, their can be no identifying of problems. There can be no solutions. There can be nothing that can be addressed in order to change if we refuse to be accountable. Even with and from the trash behavior of and from people that look like you.

Human beings are problematic. We just are! But we are also teachable. We have the ability for the most part to change and adapt. Being lead away from chaos is never a bad thing, but never identifying the chaos? That’s a problem.

With all this talk about The Movement, honoring, our ancestors and what work needs to be done, cancel culture cannot be the sole option. That grabs attention, yes. But what is the next step?

You can’t leave the bad kids in the corner forever.

[images from hercampus.com and udou.ph]

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