When The Revolution Looks Like You–And Gotta Catch-Up: An Ode To Jennifer P. Harris

Our Founder, and Mother Firestarter, Jennifer Harris

Revolutionary is she, and she…is JENNIFER HARRIS!

Beautiful, creative, talented and bold! All the things that someone who is a revolutionary would possess. She embodies them and so much more. On a global scale [yet], you may not know her in this light, but when her ideals fuel the fire for change and causes she is passionate about? They will surely ignite the flame within your soul. Jennifer is humble in her own right. Her smile can reach a thousand miles, but her heart can service a nation.

I can’t wait for the world to recognize the power of her spirit that she carries. Now, I may be a little biased (because she is my BFF). However, she is truly a wonder! Her ideas on how to change the world; the way we think, and the way that we are with each other–in our community, is nothing short of amazing!

From the many books she has written (at last count 10, with no stop in sight!), to the people that she employs,–in her own community first is astounding!

Jennifer, you are truly the brightest of the light that we are so blessed to have. You have always found a way to help, elevate and push your community in a positive light.

You capture us with your amazing gift: Your words.

I believe that you are may have chosen writing, but it also choose you. Truthfully, anyone can take content and put something together, but you are different. You are meticulous in the way that you write. It is almost as if the keys to your laptop are honored by the presence of each keystroke.

To some this may not mean a thing, but to me it is everything! You write fearlessly.

Needing no permission.

Without requesting an approval and serving no apology.

You are revolution! In the way that you love your family, husband and children. In the manner that you carry yourself. You are revolution in how you serve your community, conduct your business and in how you learn.

Some people think that those who are revolutionary, choose it. I believe different. This is an ancestral kind of thang. This is the stuff that you can’t make in a lab or get from Dr. Google. You must be born in it, out and out of it. This is the spirit that is passed down. Some generations get and some don’t.

You have to be unafraid and unapologetic in order to wield a spirit such as this. For this, I am grateful, because without it, we wouldn’t have her!

Jennifer captures the very definition of this. It is thorough, complete, absolute, comprehensive, wide-ranging, far-reaching, extensive and profound. I can’t wait for the world to catch up to you. I can’t wait for them to all to catch the ideal that started the fire. You indeed are The Ideal Firestarter.

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