BEYONCÉ IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD. I repeat BEYONCÉ IS TAKING OVER THE WORLD! In the face of a lying POTUS, crazy White House Press Secretaries and the Mueller Report taking over casual conversation, it is a relief to know that Black Girl Magic exists!

Let’s get it!

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I watched the Netflix documentary HOMECOMING A FILM BY BEYONCÉ last night—and it was everything my little girl self needed! The documentary was an in-depth appreciation for Black culture, women and the legacy that is Historically Black Colleges & Universities.

It was a love letter to US.

You cannot convince me otherwise! And to have a LIVE ALBUM drop the same day as the documentary?! I mean, I BEEN saying for the past three years that Beyoncé is now Goals. Yes, capital G at the end of a sentence. GOALS.

To be a Black woman, in an industry largely controlled by non-melaninated people, and building your career with talent and poise and the reckless abandon to gift to believe that you can do—and have—all you seek?! To the point you can ride on just your first name?!


Beyoncé is now a level of hustle when vision, preparation, ambition and converge. As a Black woman, I am inspired to keep going. And work that much harder, because I can see what happens when I keep that same energy. If God can do it for Bey, why not me?

#MuellerReport #GameInMatrixFormation #WhereIsNeo #SeeGame #PeepGame #RunGame #KnowWePlayinFam #RememberCasino #RememberTheGodfather #CorreleoneHeAint

I’m not shocked, Loves.

I grew up around hustlers. I know game when I see it. This is no different. My father said this, and I haven’t seen it become a lie yet:

“You can steal more with a pen than you can with a gun.”

The Imposter POTUS doesn’t want us to know what a complete failure he is. The joke is on us because he has the power to shut all this down, right? But the joke is still on this mofo. Here is why? The only thing monied people hate more than poor people, is the lost of power. If the report casted this dude clean, why hide? Why clown like he is? C’mon, mane (Terrence Howard voice here)! Like, Donny, you know we see yo ass right? We see you. We KNOW YOU DIRTY. You just don’t want us to see how dirty!

I’m waiting on the RICO act and the forceable deposing. The revolution is being televised and in come cases, recorded via iPhone and S10s.

#KardashianAtLaw #YouCannotBeSerious #IGuessSis #GetAllTheDegrees #IMeanWhyNot #MakeItMakeSense #NotHatingJustConfusedALil

So, Kim K wants to be a lawyer?

Sure, why not? I mean, working moms do it all the time. They go back to school and do well while juggling the demands of parenthood. The thing I find interesting is her touting her success and what that success means. She has the money to customize how her degree is completed.

Not every working mother than can so that!

Not every working mother can get a nanny, private tutoring and extension like she is able to construct and take advantage of. I mean, do good, Kim K, do good. But don’t think for a second that your money and privilege doesn’t account or influence how you attain success! Every body ain’t able to buy books, yachts and drive to school in a Bentley, Kim.

Y’all, I’m super motivated this week. Things only look dark where there is no light. Find some light dear ones. Find some. It’s out there.

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