‘The Bible With A Playboy Cover’: Why You Can’t Be Revolutionary Without Mentioning David Banner

There is something elemental about David Banner that I have always liked and respected. Even he was spitting lyrics like those found in my favorite song, PLAY. However, the crush and admiration of him colliding in to this respect when he and Dr. Michael Eric Dyson testified before Congress about hip-hop and its ‘violent nature.’ Now, what I didn’t know about David Banner was he was gifted student in high school. Brilliant! And he was on the debate team! The way he held his own before this committee? Mane. I remember watching this on CSPANN and thinking, “He is fine AND brilliant?! HELL YES, PLEASE!”

It was that confidence that made me like him as a man. It made everything that he said carry and hold more weight. It was in this Congressional hearing that he said this quote about his music is ‘the Bible with a Playboy Cover.” Lemme translate it for you: “I make the truth sexy.” (C’mon, Banner!)

But I have been a fan of his, and have remarked on his position, presence now as being this voice for a us a people as the next logical step for him. It just was! There is an element to Banner (just like I see with Tef Poe) that is saged, wise and does not take any isht.

However, the one thing that makes Banner revolutionary is the fact he says what he says, no matter who says what. Everything that he says, his either backed up by facts or experiences! From his interview with Rapture when he spoke about his time selling drugs and hustling, to the hustle that Nike did with marketing Kap (click here for that). Have we had Black men step into this teacher-leader role before? Yes. However, the thing about David Banner that I love so much is his accessibility, transparency and visibility.

Image result for david banner

As difficult as it is to be Black–let alone Black and male–on a daily basis, to add visibility to this along with voice? Bruh. They assassinate men like this. Moreover, to have him say what most Black folk are actually thinking or have confronting in their own lives? And say it no matter who got something else to say about it?! Regardless of the platform?! You have to respect that. That is an anomaly. In a world full of Futures and Kodak Blacks, it is refreshing to have David Banners in the world, fam! People that are wise enough to know what crazy looks like and can tell you why!

The revolutionary element to David Banner is his willingness to make space and if the space ain’t there—he takes it. He senses the need for it. David says what got to be said, because it’s gotta be said–by somebody. From the GODBOX, to his speaking engagements, and philanthropic efforts, you gotta understand how dynamic this is!

Revolutionaries make space, because the space is not just needed, but necessary! The space is necessary for attention. The attention is needed to notice what is wrong. When you notice what wrong, you can do something about it. Revolutionaries are change agents–whether they want to be or not.

[image from sohh.com, and coiski.com]

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