The run time for Avengers: ENDGAME is three hours. I am not brave enough to see this opening night. And refuse to look at any spoilers! With all the sadness in the world this week, I need to be reminded that monsters and dragons can be slain. Also, there are still heroes–even if you have to make them up.

Let’s get it!

#NipseyHussle #StopTheViolence #FuneralForNip #RIPNip #BlackGreatness #TragedyAndPromise #TheMarathonContinues #LaurenLondon #DeathOnTopOfDeath #ConsiderConsequences

It is horrible that Nip is dead. It is more horrible that the person that killed him, looked like him. It is disheartening that most people will just remember him as a Rollin 60 Crip. What’s more is there was a drive-by shooting that happened after the service! I am tired, y’all. I am really tired. The best way to honor this man is to make his shadow loom large. This means to let all the good he was doing be the guide towards what you desire to change in the world.

Don’t just remember him on or for a set. Or by a color. Don’t cheapen his memory by just identifying him as a cuzz. Don’t allow jealousy to root so deep, pain be so overwhelming, that taking a life is the only way to ease or end it.

If a man be truly great, emulate his greatness. Allow his life to be a reminder of your own potential–and to build what others desire to tear down.

#LeavingNeverland #MichaelJackson #Integrity #WhatIsGoingOn #JacksonFamilyIsPetty #WhatTheWorld #OprahWinfrey #SomeoneGoGetGayle #ThisIsShenanigans #WhyLord

Bruh. Michael Jackson has been dead for a decade. With this new documentary and the revival of molestation accusations, Oprah and HBO are standing by the documentary. I cannot even imagine what the Jackson family is thinking! I mean, it is no secret that there are accusers of Michael Jackson who got paid–we know this. And we know the complicated legacy he left.

My concern is we spend so much time vilifying, that we don’t spend enough time talking about the healing needed. The fact trauma, left hidden, becomes toxic. Cancerous, even!

Salacious documentaries are meant to be grandiose and attention-grabbing, even when all information is true. Even when all parties are to be believed. There is talk now that some of the accusers in this documentary fabricated certain events! Also that some portions of Neverland weren’t even built when one young man said he was molested there. This is only going to get worse. And I don’t look forward to this–it’s like a ball of bullshit-powered yeast.

#Reparations #GeorgetownUniversity #IssaStep #ApprovalIsComing #SmallChangesMatter #Fight #Resist #ReparationsIsMoreThanLand #MoreThan40Acres #MoreThanImSorry

Georgetown University’s student body is not playing!

They voted on a referendum with would start a fund to benefit the decedents of the 272 slaves sold more than a century earlier to pay the debt of the institution. By doing so, it saved the university.

Black lives matter indeed–Black bodies are profitable.

Once approved by the school and its board, this $27.50 fee will go into effect. With all the other fees students have to pay, why not include a fee like this? You can only charge so much for parking, printing, and all these books we can’t sell back! Why not make an effort for this sort of social restitution?

It is beyond time to be serious about reparations! Either pony up or shut up! There are too many forces at work to straddle the fence about these anymore. If I were a student, I would pay it. Gladly! Why? It was through a Black body that I would be able to walk the halls of this school. Then, it is to that person, that I owe. I owe them the recognition of their sacrifice, as well as the condition of their confinement.

If you stand on someone’s shoulders, the least you can do is say thank you.

For those mourning Nipsey, I need you to understand that movements are just that. They require visionaries to push and build. Don’t be so caught up in the mourning that you cannot build. Or that you cannot help build. Take heart, dear ones. Mourning does not last always…and joy is at hand.


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