‘This Is Not Your Daddy’s Civil Rights Movement’: Why Tef Poe Feels Like The Best Kept Secret

“Every inch a king…” -King Lear

There is something to be said for being authentic and having the opportunity to grow. In the space crafted this month for revolutionaries, I had to put a spotlight on Tef Poe.

James Baldwin says it this way:

“The goal of the artist is to disturb the peace.”

In the chaos that was the summer of 2014, in the development of #FergusonIsEverywhere, there were young people (such as myself and others) that were activated from what seemed like a long sleep. What was dynamic to watch was how through social media and it’s power the world at large saw exactly what it meant to be living in what could be deemed damn near a war zone.

Enter one raptivist, Tef Poe (Kareem Jackson). What makes him to revolutionary was his fervor, tenacity and willingness to not be quiet. There was one televisied meeting where he said to a crowd of disaffected, scary White people, “This is not your Daddy’s Civil Rights Movement.”

But sometimes, the best moves are done in silence. When they are successful, that is when you know the extent of what has been accomplished—and what it took to achieve it.

I understand more than most that faith without works is dead. The reason I must spotlight Kareem is because of these attributes. From #Ferguson to now him buying back the block. See, being a revolutionary includes the ability to adapt to change, as well as make changes. It means being able to implement the changes you speak of.

Tef and Dr. Cornel West

From streams on Tidal and Apple Music, to calling out injustice when need be regardless of how people feel, being an entrepreneur in his own right—-and a Harvard University Fellow—fam, is doing big things! And STAY doing big things.

Sometimes Kings hide the work, to do the work.

Keep going, Tef. Keep going.

[images from Facebook]

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