Jordan Peele is out here changing the world and doing what Shawn Carter said: ‘double your money and make it stack.’ Orange Thanos doesn’t know the difference between oranges and origins. And while collective Blackness mourns Nipsey Hussle, Future–whom is Nipey’s antithesis, has been activated from whatever ashy-Hotep sleeper cell he was in! But Beyonce’ about to get all my money from these Adidas she about to make!

Let’s get it!

#JordanPeele #HeSaidWhatHeSaid #WhyIsThatHard #PointBlank #Periodt #GetItJordan #NewMoves #MakeMoves #StopWhatBag #WeSeenTheAllBefore

Jordan Peele said there will never ever, ever never, be a White lead in any of his movies. And the world lost its mind! Why?


Jordan Peele is working on his icon status before age 40. He is building platforms, bridges and buildings in an industry that systematically devalues Black talent. Want an example? Spike Lee has been making movies for 30 years and just now one for Best Adapted Screenplay–not Director. Another example was almost 70 years ago when Dorothy Dandridge was nominated as Best Actress in 1955 for Carmen Jones. She lost the Oscar for Best Actress to Grace Kelly for The Country Girl.

The saying goes “When you have privilege so long, equality feels like oppression.” Jordan stands on the shoulders of a legacy of Black Entertainers and Actors. It’s time that power be shifted. It is time because that same power to create and control–people whom identify as Black and creative should have the same.

#Adidas #BeyMakingAllTheMoney #BagsAndShoes #GetIt #AllTheDollars #IWannaSee #ImGettingThreePair #IDontCare #HauteCouture #CoutureIsSneakers #WearThemWithEverything

I don’t even really like Adidas. I really don’t. I’m a Nike girl. Air Forces Ones and the like. But this week, that may have all changed. Beyonce Giselle Knowles Carter is about to start a collaboration with Adidas to snatch all the kids’s money! All of it! And to think she walked away from Reebok, because they weren’t diverse enough.

See there! This is why I stan Bey.

She is a mogul and a brand. She knows how she wants something to look and knows the power of her presence! And is unapologetic about knowing and working that! The part of me that is super petty wants to know if Kanye saw her in the hall–looking like power and all things goddess–about to triple her clout, influence and bag. If he did, I hope she only smiled at him like Adelaide did at the end of US.

#AshyHotepSleeperCells #FutureIsNotNipsey #HowVeryDareYou #HeAintFoolinNobody #FutureIsTheAshyHotepMascot #HeIsNotAllowedToTalkAboutGrownFolkStuff #HURSHUP

Ciara’s sorry Baby Daddy is out here in the world talking about he is the ‘Nipsey of the South.’ First of all, that’s T.I. Second, a dude that has multiple Baby Mamas, continues to try and flame his ex in public, keeps getting girls pregnant and believes that he is the epitome of Black manhood. Bruh. I cannot with this dude! It is amazing how quick mofos who are known for, famous for being Notshit are quick to cast their lot with someone whom only wants to be known for making the part of the world they are in better!

How about he stop having kids with women not his wife, and hatin on a man raising his son, and hating the best woman he every had.

Lil ‘ol dusty boy…

This week was interesting to say the least. Get your Endgame tickets. Gas up a Black woman. Encourage more Black Boy Joy. Go and be great.

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