In Memoriam: For Martin And Marguerite

It is not lost on me that one of the most influential men was assassinated on the birthday of one of the world’s most respected poets and scholars. However, in this time of upheaval, it is important to remember this one thing.

The only constant thing in this life is change.

Revolution is change, involves change and requires you to change.

In this moment of time, 51 years ago, as Maya celebrated another birthday, someone that she knew and respected left the world–on the same day. What must be understood is people say they want revolution, say they are revolutionary don’t have the slightest idea what that requires.

What that word means.

What that really looks like.

What will be asked of you if you say that you are a revolutionary.

Martin Luther King, Jr was assassinated before age 40, when he could have taken his children, his wife, and his college degree to Boston and never looked back. What makes him revolutionary is he saw what was messed up, and decided to do something about it–no matter who had something to say about it.

Marguerite Johnson was an unwed single mother who was halfway educated, and upon the advice of a friend of hers (James Baldwin) to write her stories down. This woman whom had these incredible experiences, and whose brother couldn’t say her name (he called her ‘Maya Sister’ and who self-imposed muteism on herself, became one of the most recognized poets in the world! What is more revolutionary than changing your life on the basis of natural talent?

In their passing now, what needs to be remembered is to be a revolutionary starts with admitting where you are, what you are, what the world is around you is more than what you think. It is more than that. When you decide to change the world, you don’t know who you will touch, what access your life will dovetail into or with.

If you idea desire to change the world, know that you are (and will be) in good company.

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