March 2019 Book Review-RECLAIMING OUR SPACE: How Black Feminists Are Changing The World From the Tweets To The Streets

I am a fan of Feminista Jones!

I love her wit, her intelligence and all her affirming Black Girl Magic. When I found out through social media (thank you, Twitter!) that she had written another book? I immediately ran to my Amazon app to pre-order. Why? After reading the phenomenal book Eloquent Rage by Dr. Britney Cooper, I knew this would be the perfect companion book.

Trust. It is.

When I started this book, the opening page sent me into tears! It reads:

“Dedicated to every Black girl around the world…

Freedom is coming.”

I cannot tell you what reading those words meant to me. How they moved me, preparing me to go forward in her work.

The book is more than theory and more than moments that made me examine my power at the intersection of being both woman and Black. According to Feminista Jones, the optimum social makeup for activism is to be Black and woman. Black enough to incorporate and woman enough to advocate for other minority or marginalized people.

“At its core, Black Feminism is the embodiment of vital, multilayered, anti-oppression work, born of a natural understanding of resistance-as-survival.”

From the need for Black Twitter and the power of a thread, to Black Girl Magic, and what bedwenching looks like in the twenty-first century, Reclaiming Our Space is one of those books I liken to a meal at my Grandmother’s house.

“My Mother’s house is a river,” Sunni Patterson says, “I go in and immediately I am humbled.” I felt the same way about my grandmother. I got strength from her. From her wit and her presence. She fed me what she knew was good for me–even when I thought I didn’t like it. She made me eat it because I needed it.

The book is the same way. It challenged me to reexamine what it means to be a writer, a woman of color and having a social media presence. The space that I have, that I am making, allows me to hold that for others. To encourage others. And not bedwench, even what it means to have had to have done that.

Take the medicine, beloveds. Even when it’s bitter at first. When illness ravages the body, you need something for that ailment. The glory is the availability of the medicine and that it can treat you! Reclaiming Our Space is medicine.

Go take some.

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