The hypocrisy of the known world was found in US. Don’t debate me, don’t at me. There were no less than 20 themes I saw in this movie! With the week that was with the Mueller Report, Cardi B, and MAGA rallies, I needed the Black excellence that was this movie! But, no matter. Y’all know what it is.

Let’s get it!

#CardiB #Stories #History #SurvivingCardiBIsNotAThing #ThisIsShenanigans #TiredOfYall #WhoRaisedYall #WTF #WhoTheHell #WhyTheHell #LetMeHelpYou

Cardi B is not a saint. We get that. But what y’all are not about to do is shame her for what she did—that men in her same industry talk about doing. We not about to do that. At all. Not ever. Not on my watch! During the celebration of toxic masculinity and rape culture and pussy grabbing POTUS’s, the world doesn’t get to judge a woman for what she did to survive! No!

Was it right? No. But I understand.

Is it right when dopeboys do it? No. I understand the hustle. But the disrespect of women is not a part of it. Doesn’t need to be a part of it. But it has become part of hip-hop. And that is disconcerting. The normalizing violence against women. The abuse of women in the names Black women are called. The world that absorbs that casual abuse of Black women, and women in general, does not get to wag a finger at Cardi B and tell her what she had to due to survive is wrong–when they do the same thing.

Should she have been robbing men? No.

Should men be drugging and raping women and glorifying that? No.

Back up off Cardi. Like a week ago.

#MuellerReport #Focus2020 #ItsAllBurning #RomeIsFalling #ICant #EyesOnThePrice #Vote #Voting #DoBetter #OldWhiteMenWontSaveUs #GetInPositionAndFight

Am I shocked that the Mueller Report is being hidden from the prying, needing eyes of the public? No. Am I shocked the Evil Turtle is helping Orange Thanos to continue to eff up the world? No. This administration has affirmed my Blackness and my commitment to critical thinking.

This is chess and checkers, Torches.

Chess and checkers.

Checkers is just jump and take–only seeing what is immediate and maybe three steps ahead.

Chess is strategy. Patience. Logic and outsmarting your opponent. Long-game for maximizing your outcome–which is a win. All the wins. We are in a hard Check. Checkmate hasn’t been gotten, yet it is not the time to get tired and start playing Checkers.

Vote. Aside from slapping the shit outta people and throwing voter cards, I don’t know what else to say.

Don’t let the Sith or the Tethered win.

#ChicagoIsAFraud #JussieSmollett #WhatKindaShit #IHaveNoIdea #YouDontPayGorillasByCheck #TheMayorIsAMonster #WhoBelieveRaum #KeepThatSameEnergy #WhoBelieveThis #TheJuiceIsLooseAgain

Jussie Smollett is a free man. I don’t know if I am happy or sad that this has occurred! All I know is that the Chicago chief of police and Raum Emmanuel are complicit in so much bullshit that it is beyond comprehension! The fact the mayor of Chicago could say Jussie’s exoneration was a ‘whitewash of justice’? Imma need him to have an ARENA full of seats! This is the same mayor that says nothing, and continues to say nothing, when ‘his officers’ kill people. #LaquanMcDonald

I am of the mindset that we never know what happened on that cold Chicago night–with or without the sammich. I don’t have the strength to decipher this level of craziness. He is not the gay Tupac. This whole situation is as ratchet as period dirty drawls left in your boyfriend’s sank. I can’t do it. I can’t. Don’t expect me too. Muva Firestarter has NOTHING for this! I mean if the Chicago PD can look the other way at police-sanctioned violence by a governing body, then they can keep drinking that holy glass of shut-the-fuck-up about this.

Next week is on the horizon. We made it to the end of another week. And God willing, we will make to another. Y’all be easy.

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