‘Ain’t I A Woman?’ Damn Right, I Am!

We are women.

We are here and regardless of what you think, you need us.


As we end Women’s History Month, let’s not forget our power, our worth and all the obstacles that we had to face for us to be able to celebrate our success.

This month, in my personal life, this Ideal has been even more prominent for me. I took this assignment initially as something that celebrates every other woman–except for myself.

I listed a lot of accomplishments that other women have done and how far they have come, but I didn’t think to pay homage to myself. 

You know? We as women, we get caught up in our day to day lives. Be it children; work; cooking for the house; making sure everything is running smoothly inside and outside of our employment, that we forget us! We forget how beautiful we are, not just in the physical sense, but in the inside of us. We forget that before we became a mother, wife, aunt or partner, that we are first women.

We sit aside out passions, dreams, goals, ambitions and interest all for the sake of taking care of everything and everyone else. 

Therefore, we as women are so empowering! We get a lot of slack for our minds running too far or too much. For over thinking things and just making sure everything is complete. We, as women, have the innate ability to multi-task and get things done in a timely manner. We are capable of being able to deal with situations on a different spectrum than most people.

We are the calm before, during and at the end of a storm.

We are the quiet voices that scream loudly!

You know the ones!

The ones that can put you, your family, children in check—all while being meek, firm and honest. We are the souls that God created to carry an additional life. Another being with a personality inside of them; all the while dealing with everyone else’s problems or situations.

We are solid!

We don’t shake or budge!

We make negativity fear us in times of trial and danger!

We are your peace keepers and guardians. We are the worlds right hand and birthright passage. You make look at us as weak or meek because we may scream at a scary movie, but you know that when it gets rough, you can always call on us.

We exude a different type of power and strength that cannot be measured in the physical realm.

Our spirit is what attracts you and our heart is what keeps you coming back!

You may not like that we can be assertive, but you love when we exemplify that authority. We are the chosen ones to carry life, bringing those lives into this world.

We as women are more capable than anything you could have imagine.

You don’t have to like us, but we, women, you will have to respect us.

We require and deserve your love, adoration, peace, guidance and nurturing. We deserve it because we are more than worthy of it.

So, women, out there, just remember this: They don’t have to like us, but they can’t deny us, and they will respect us. As always #slay4thecurve!

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