Watch yourself.

Go see US.

Let’s get it!

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When I saw the trailer for US on Christmas Day, I was not prepared. I was so unprepared, I might as well have been caught cheating with no drawls! I was THAT unaware. I knew the movie was coming, but I had no idea what to expect. Frankly, I still don’t! I decided to limit my spoliers and even see US twice. Once, because the culture demands it. Second, for notes. In the daytime, of course. I put nothing past people. And as quiet as it’s kept, St. Louis is a big small town. And I’ve been told I have a twin. More than once.

No ma’am. No one needs those problems. Ever!

But, there is a bigger buzz about and around this than I could ever think. Jordan himself said he felt pressure to make US a bigger success than GET OUT. But… I’m here for it. Jordan Peele is about to step into icon status. And maybe Lupita N’yongo is the scariest Black woman in the world. Other than some of our mothers.

Don’t debate me.

#MuellerReport #WhewChile #WhewWee #WeAboutToReallySee #Truth #Report #CongressIsBought #WTH #WhatWeDoNow #WhoGoingToJail #GottiGotGotWhyNot45 #SendThemAllOut

As of this posting, it is reported that the national hero Robert Mueller has concluded his investigation. I have decided to put myself in a dead zone today because of it. If Rome is burning, let it keep burning. I am not going to get excited until something like the last 40 minutes of Casino happens. I wanna see houses raided; people get flipped outta cars, run, and cover up stuff; Remo call the shots on who gets whacked! I am not moved until I see who is about to get locked up. But If I could dream as to who I wanna see locked up? I wanna see Kelly Anne Conartist get divorce papers served and arrested the same day! I want a perp walk and her actively snitching on dingy, clingy Ivanka. I want her pappy to be in the window behind that clean, non-worked-at Resolute Desk as they cart his ass away.

When that happens, holler at me.

#Endgame #Marvel #Art #Comic #StanLee #Legacy #TheAvengers #Thanos #ThanosKilledPeopleForABroadThatDidntLikeHim #ThePettyOfDeath #Banishment #MCU #TheMCU #BlackGeeks #BlackNerds #BLERDS #GetIt

April 25.

Set your watches.

Set your faces to stun.

Am I ready? No.

Am I going to see it Opening Night? Maybe.

The one thing that I am loving about these debates and theories surrounding Avengers Infinity War: Endgame–the acceptance of Blerds. I love this! I am here for this! I am happy that my daughter has a community that she knows she can belong to and will always have a place in! I love that Black Panther was as popular as it was! I am glad that people are having debates about the parallels of Malcolm and Martin through the lens of Magneto and Professor Xavier! I love that Nicholas “My Mama Don’t Eemb Call Me Nick” Fury is Black! I am HERE for this! Here and Present!

Make sure that while we all are hype about T’Challa, that we remember to support Black artists, filmmakers and writers. Keep that same energy whether your daughter wants to be a Dora or Shuri. Keep that same energy when your son picks up a pen and not a football. Keep that same energy.

There is still hope, dear ones. Doctor Strange knew that. So will and must we. Keep going! I’ll holler.

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