Aunt Becky out here buying school spots only to have her kids drop out. Jussie Smollett still fighting charges! Not only that, Sony now has rights to His Royal Badness’s music! Moreover, Meghan McCain has no idea what humility or her own idiocy is and Captain Marvel is out here giving life reminding us we still have to fight Orange Thanos. Aight, loves, you know what’s next: Let’s get it!

#CheatingScandal #Feds #AuntBeckyDidIt #HerDaughtersAreSilly #YouPaidWhat #AndThenGotWhat #DefendThisHow #ThisIsThePriceOfTheImproperHustle #WhatDidYouThink #OhNoBaby #WhatIsYouDoing

So! This cheating scandal just keeps getting worse. It keeps getting worse! First, all these affluent people are paying to get their kids into school (which they have all the adequate resources to make sure they get it in!), and with Olivia Jade this week you wanna drop out?! Bruh?! Like what part of the game is this? Your family has enough money to buy a building and you wanna drop out because you don’t want to be bullied?! Girl?! I want to slap all these people!

This is why I am so glad I had the parents that I did! This is why I’m glad that my mother and father let me earn things instead of having them handed to me. I’m glad I saw my mother struggle to pay for school for me. This is why I cried at my college graduation. I earned it. I valued it. The fact her whole family is disgraced, and homegirl is on a yacht?! Girl, you better get the degree, and several other people’s! Clearly, ya mammy will be need a lawyer. Get the degree before you, poor little rich girl, will be in the financial aid office looking for work study! Hmph.

#MeganMcCaint #Racism #WTH #WTF #TheViewNeedToQuitPlaying #HowLord #HowLongLord #WhyLord #LegacyStudents #CognitiveDissonance #ItsReal #MeghanIsReallyABecky

Look, y’all know that I am not a John McCain fan–in the least. His legacy is complex and problematic–at best. I think his daughter is the quintessential white girl from the conservative right. She has a sense of entitlement mixed with toxic patriarchy and conflated feminism. When confronted about any aspect of racism or white privilege, she spins out like a Ditch Witch screaming about who her Daddy is.

Heffa! We know!

When asked about the cheating scandal and how these alumni legacy admissions are racist (they often are given to students who are white), she couldn’t grasp that. Yet, as one of the people I follow on Twitter said, and I echo, “Her whole life is a legacy admission.” I couldn’t agree more. The reason why this scandal is so far-reaching, and has set so many people on fire, is because the people that used these, umm, services–didn’t need it! They didn’t need pay this money, hosing people out of spots. Cheating deserving, hard-working students. If your family can write a $500k-$6.5 million dollar check, chances are you don’t need an athletic scholarship. You did it because you could. And the fact that you were found out? That your privilege was exposed, and people want (read: demand) accountability? Meghan, spare me. If she were Meghan Conner living in MAGA country, she wouldn’t have a platform, or a legacy admission by virtue of her birth certificate. She would just be another ugly white girl, with the wrong pin-up red lip and a YouTube channel.

Just a guess.

#AllThePresidents #KamalaHarris #CoryBooker #AmyKloubacchar #JoeBiden #BetoORourke #ElizabethWarren #2020 #Election2020 #VoteOrDie2020 #RegisterToVote #DeposeOrangeThanos #AssembleTheAvengers #NoProtestVote #KeepTheMission #PageCaptainMarvel #ItsAnEmergency #WheresFury

I am a registered voter. I have been voting pretty regularly for about a decade. In the last presidential election, I voted. I voted for Hilary Clinton. Why? Because she could read. I know there are people that chose not to, because they thought she was a criminal. The thing is, this joker that is running the free world? It looks more and more like Arkham Asylum in Washington, D.C. It looks more and more impossible that this is happening. It seems insane that a sitting US President is under investigation doing RICO Act isht, and unaware of the what game looks like.

Every time I look at him, I think John Gotti.

No amount of Bibles 45 signs can change that!

The thing is, we know what we are up against. We cannot afford to have distractions. These GOP-MAGA sychophants will do anything to consolidate money and power! Anything! You can see that! The only thing these motherf–kers fear more than Black people, brown people, Muslim people, or non-English speaking people is loss of power!

You have to vote. You must vote. There is no time to be a holy independent or be self-righteous and sit out. The goal is this:


The Calvary isn’t coming, but we still know what to do.

The Left can’t depend on the Black vote unless you support the issues relevant to Black people. It can’t depend on the female vote, unless they are committed to issues that concern women–and not just cisgendered, straight, white women. The Left can’t just depend on the record of 45 to insulate their candidates. There are a third of the country that believes he is more Jesus than Christ is! You have a third of the nation that thinks Black people dying at the hands of the police is okay! You have a third of the nation that would still vote for him as long as they, too, remain white, straight and male.

The game is to retain power. At any cost. At all costs. Without care of cost. They have proved they will wash the blood off the money.

We need a President that will see what the issues are and desire to fix them. And it can’t be just because that candidate is not Orange Thanos.

As of this posting, we at The Ideal Firestarter send our love and prayers to the victims and survivors of the mass shooting on the other side of the world in Christchurch, New Zealand. Ignorance, hatred and intolerance have no place in a diverse society! There will be no sharing of the link, the perpetrator’s name or motivation. We know the motivation! And because we know the motivation, we work to provide solutions–one word at a time.

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