Paul Manafort out here looking like a stunt gangster Scorsese would hire, Orange Hitler hugging a flag like he wanna rob it and Robert Sylvester Kelly screaming at Oprah’s bestie like the lithium ain’t working! Chile, whew! But we soldier on.

Let’s get it!

#Chicago #JussieSmollett #WTH #ImTiredLord #HowManyFelonies #Craziness #WhatIsGoingOn #ThisRHETTHere #ChicagoPDAintClean

Jussie Smollett has been indicted on 16 felony (FELONY!) counts as it relates to his attack/situation last month.

Chile, the ghetto!

Chile, the ratchet!

Chile, I cannot.

The fact that there is so much swirling around this, the FBI has gone back with whether or not Jussie is as involved as once thought, and he still got hit with not just one but sixteen effin felonies?! Like?! Like the people that helped 45 steal this election ain’t get hit like that?!

Jussie did something that appears to be problematic. Don’t get me wrong.

The fact is, this situation still shows how unfair the US Criminal Justice is. It shows us how the system still needs Black and Brown bodies to maintain its breakneck authoritian speed. It’s trash. All of this is trash. The saddest thing is he is still a Black man and this is still America. And this is still so fucked up.

#RKelly #GayleKing #Interview #CBS #BlackAuntiesMatter #MoreThanOprahsFriend #HeIsALiar #SomethingIsGoingOn #HeNeedsAHandlerAndARx #BlackGirlsMatter

Robert Sylvester Kelly is unmedicated and out in the waking, quasi public!

This whole grown- ass man went to CBS This Morning looking and acting like someone stole his bike. When he stood up and started screaming and crying? As a DV survivor, I wanted to throw something. That’s the type of tantrum I have seen in my own relationships, right before you get hit.

The fact he used the “I/Me” language in regards to what was happening to him; the fact he used the phrase “I beat my cases”; there is still no accountability. I’ll say it again for the people in the back and the people that will read this later next month:

Do not, and I will not, allow my Blackness, my womanhood, neither the intersection of either, to cover up what he is accused of doing. Nothing of the sort will be used to defend this.

There is an insidious nature to what he’s done that cannot be erased or minimized. No matter how many bops he had or remixes—this man is accused of having underage sex with girls.

When will Black girls matter aside from being treats and toys in videos?

I’ll wait.

#Arkansas #StephanieFlowers #BlackWomenMatter #InternationalWomensDay #ShutItDown #StandYourGround #ImmaStandMineToo


There must be something in the water for this first part of the year that allows fragile white masculinity to think it runs everything! And that it can’t be checked!

Mama Flowers let this dude have it! And he needed both barrels and a reload! The fact is–she’s right. On all fronts! The “Stand Your Ground” law is a way to legally kill people–especially, people is color. The measure failed, thankfully.

But this is what Black women do. We make space. We defend. We challenge when stuff is crazy and doesn’t make sense. Stand Your Ground is the thumbs-up for lawful murder. And this law is not it is not evenly applied (e.g. FLORIDA)! Miss me with this! Stand Your Ground is white supremacy cowering in a corner with a Johnny Reb uni with a musket blathering about the ‘colored’ people coming to ‘take their stuff’.

We just wanna live. Why is that so hard?!

It is International Women’s Day! And the one takeaway The Ideal Firestarter has for you is this:

Respect women.

Listen to women.

Black women are not the mammies, props or the mules of the world. And our Black Girl Magic is no longer free.

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