Why The World Needs (And Sometimes Doesn’t Deserve) Shonda Rimes

“I am the candy.


When I read this quote from a tweet about writing, all of me rejoiced. I mean all of me rejoiced. When ABC erupted with the juggernaut that is Grey’s Anatomy that was one thing. When I found out that the show was created, written by produced by a Black woman? Shonda Lynn Rimes became and remains a shero of the highest sort.

When I tell you I love her?!

For me, she ranks up there with my grandmother and adopted grandmother, Ida B. I revere her because I didn’t think I could be her. She has created and sustained an entertainment force for the better part of a decade. She is unapologetic about her talent, her Blackness and her confidence. In a not so recent TED Talk, she referred to herself as a Titan.

Shonda referred to the work running on all cylinders as The Hum. Indeed. As a writer, as a creative, I understand this more than the average person. Having Shonda as a role model is a everything!

I don’t think the world appreciates how brilliant and how bold she is. She makes it look easy, effortless, even while juggling motherhood–and being honest about the struggles therein.

Shonda Rimes has allowed Black women to be strong. Be powerful. Be vulnerable and relatable. There is a power in her work that is raw and unapologetic. From a nation that only likes their Black girls as luscious treats or asexual Mammies, the women in and of Shondaland are needed and necessary. Shoot! They are The Avengers. Let THEM assemble and see what happens!

Shonda Rimes is amazing to me because she proves that you can be exactly what your creatively dictates. You can build and hire and write and dream. You can sign your own check. The world doesn’t deserve her sometimes because she is such a force.

She’s a damn beacon!

She’s the answer I give now when people ask me why I work as hard as I do. More often than not I say, “If God can do it for Shonda Rimes, why not me?”

I, too, am the candy.

[Images from adage.com and Twitter]

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