This Black Girl Does More Than Just Rock

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please allow me to introduce to some and reintroduce to others: Raynell Steward. 


Raynell is more commonly known by her Instagramhandle @Supa_cent or @Wuzzam Supa. She unapologetically officially stamped herself as a social media mogul in 2018 on Cyber Monday when she sold $1 million dollars worth of her cosmetic brand The Crayon Case; a she started in 2017 in her hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana.

As the online world began to become familiar with the popular eye shadow palette Box of Crayons, Raynell found herself in a struggle as Crayola decided to infringe upon the cosmetic world when they launched a makeup line. The all-vegan line kept a nostalgic feel with their packaging by placing crayon shaped multi-use face crayon in their signature yellow and green box. Despite Crayola’s historic name and brand, The Crayon Case still flourished!


I want to take you back to when I first was introduced to Raynell.

I only knew her by Wuzzam Supa. In 2015, I watched an 8-minute and 13 second long video titled Storytime with SupaBest Sex Story”. In this video Supa (as she is more affectionately known) told a hilariously descriptive story about a sexual encounter she had.

Her heavy New Orleans accent, coupled with facial expressions as she told story; had me so captivated. I shared the video, showed friends that didn’t have social media, and even played it for some of my coworkers. This woman had the power to make you feel like she was one of your good girlfriends giving you all the tea!

How could I not follow my new best friend in my head on social media and keep up with what she was doing? Sure enough my entrance into my new social media bff’s world was not in vain!

From her Periscope videos where she let her followers in to see her intimate conversations with her son; to her raw honesty about her relationship with a man that was incarcerated; I watched this former waitress turn the popularity of just being her authentic self into a brand!

Her brazen wit spewed multiple viral videos that only solidified Supa was what social media never knew it needed. 

 From her unhinged parental skills, her barefaced yet always solicited advice, and her homemade meals, my social media bff made a mark that turned into a million dollar streak.

Her real life bff and mentor Jessica Dupart of Kaleidoscope Hair Products (more commonly known as Da Real BB Judy) plays a heavy role in Supa’s success!

Supa developed a makeup line that catered to amateur makeup artists and beginners like myself. Not only has she created a line that I can stand by, she also does live tutorials when using her products! When she goes live all Crayon Cuties (this what her makeup followers are referred to as) are tuned in and Follow up with running to the site to purchase whatever new item Supa is promoting. I can guarantee whatever it is, old or new, it will sell out fast!

With a fiancé and baby on the way, none of this has stopped her from still relentlessly marketing her popular product. While continuously pushing for new ideas to expand her brand even further. Please do not be surprised or say I didn’t give you a heads up when you see this woman in Forbes by next spring. 

Kylie may have her lip kits, but Supa has the all the supplies you need to create a masterpiece on your beautiful melanin canvas (your face)!

[images from authors social media]


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