We know Black History Month, for the better part of these short 28 days has been some level of trash. But, no matter! We push on, and we still shine with all this madness going on around us. Make sure you review #28DaysOfBlackness, as well as the miniseries Black Love Is A Superpower. There are 7 days left for this month–melanin and fire are going to ensure we remain lit!

Let’s get it!

#Colin Kaepernick #EricReid #Nike #WhatDMXSay #EffYouPayMe #BlackDollars #AllBlackEverything #Winning #StayWilling #TheyDontWantThisSmoke #TheNFLDidThis #CollusionIsASportInThisNation

I know I did this last week fam. But here your Big Sis out.

The reason I am going over this again is because of the rumblings that the Patriots or the Panthers may want to sign him.


After this almost 3-year long saga, on top of the blackballing and collusion to keep him from playing, don’t come back here now asking him or Eric to play (bleep)! Keep that same energy, because game recognize game! You want him for ticket sales and media coverage, you super non-slick bastards! No! Colin can take his money and go do something else! I know you’re thinking, “Jenn, if he winds up getting signed, will you watch an NFL game again?”

As the daughter of a defensive lineman, I really don’t now if I will. I really don’t know. I can support Kap, I still wear Nikes and I support the God-given talent of all Black athletes. But it will take me a minute to follow a game again.

#KenanThompson #KelMitchell #BlackCreatives #Nickelodeon #BlackSpaces #AllBlackEverything #ComeUp #BuildAsYouClimb #LiftAsYouBuild #Throwback #WhereTheSquad #IAmRootingForEverybodyBlack


When Kenan Thompson made it to Saturday Night Live, I was ecstatic. When he was killin in on the show? I wasn’t surprised. When he was Emmy nominated? I was over the moon! This is why.

I am old enough to remember SNICK on Nickelodeon and sketch shows like The Roundhouse and ALL THAT. This show like the kid’s version of SNL and In Living Color. It was on that show where I saw how funny Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell (that I had a HUGE crush on! “Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda!” Y’all don’t know about this!) were together. From All That, I watched the Kenan and Kel show (hilarious), and when Kel went his way and Kenan kept going? I was sad because I loved their dynamic!

So today, when I found out that Kenan and Kel are part of the production team that will revamp ALL THAT?! I cheered! This is so incredible, and I could not be happier! I love when Black men pull and pool resources to get things done! I love to see Kings do King level stuff! I love the fact Kenan went to get his boy and they about to do something amazing.


#JordanPeele #TheTwilightZone #Legacy #BlackCreatives #Revamp #RodSerling #NothingBlackTouchesCanBeChanged #CBSAllAccess #April1 #Support #BlackWritersMatter #BlackSpacesMatter

I saw the trailer for the newest version of The Twilight Zone. The rumors I had heard of Jordan Peele revamping this anthology had been swirling for months! I didn’t think this would happen. I thought it would be a pipe dream, a dangling carrot ever before Jordan Peele. Most fans of this show, may or may not know the creator of The Twilight Zone (Rod Serling), sold the rights to the original show during a time of financial stress. So the fact Jordan is able to redo this show? It is more profound than you all may ever think.

What I am not going to do is entertain the craziness that Jordan Peele is not Black, or not Black enough. He is Black. He is a genius. He is an excellent writer and brilliant director. What I would love is the rumblings which would call him the Black Alfred Hitchcock, will allow him to surpass that specter of being in a white man’s shadow–only validated through that lens.

He’s Jordan. And this show is about to be lit.

Administration note: This week I decided to count the wins. In the face of #JussieSmollet, the white Nationalist/domestic terorrist in the US Coast Guard, and the Burberry Lynch Hoodie? I wanted to celebrate. Sometimes the Firestarter needs a reminder to keep her fire lit.

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