#28DaysOfBlackness: Are We living Up To Our Profitable Potential?


I had it all mapped out in my head what I wanted to write about for my second contribution to the 28 Days Of Blackness theme for The Ideal Firestarter.  As I began to research about some of social media’s self-made millionaire influencers, my self-diagnosed ADD kicked in and veered my thoughts to “What are the top careers dominated by African Americans?”

As I’m typing the aforementioned phrase into the Google search bar (of course Google finished my sentence for me), within 0.56 seconds my search generated 31,100,000 results! The funny thing is that none of top results gave me the answer I was looking for.

Google gave me titles such as The highest paying jobs for African Americans; 10 Best workplaces for African Americans; Top Ten Professions in Which Blacks Are Still Underrepresented; and my personal favorite: What are the most segregated Jobs in America.

Before I got too discouraged I did run across an article on Forbes.com that showed the cities that African Americans are doing the best in economically. That article seemed promising.


Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox of Forbes wrote:

The African-American unemployment rate fell to 6.8% in December, the lowest level since the government started keeping tabs in 1972.

Now we all know 45 has made it very clear that this low unemployment rate within the African American community was solely his doing (go ahead and insert your biggest eye roll here). However, according to Forbes we actually owe that decline to states such as Georgia, Texas, Washington, North Carolina and Maryland. Specifically the metropolitan areas of these states that have allowed progression for Blacks. The irony is “The South” being the place to be for a black entrepreneur, or corporate exec.  Although, Atlanta has been known as the Mecca for Blacks for quite some time, D.C. is right on the heels of being a Black family’s paradox. 



Even with all the bells and whistles from these areas that give promise of home ownerships and entrepreneurships, my original question still remained unanswered-What Are The Top Careers Dominated by African Americans? My research found that African Americans make up 74.4% of basketball leagues, while football trails behind with 68%. Now granted, these two sports were a mainstay of segregation until the 1940’s and with that I will take pride in domination, but I want us to be known for more than the ability to show our strength in the physical sense.  

African Americans only make up 6% of doctors and 3% of Lawyers. Where we are compensating for our lack in those professions is entrepreneurship: 45% of small business owners are made up of minority groups. Out of that 45%, Blacks are 19%.

Although my initial Google search question wasn’t readily answered. I did find that a small portion of my curiosity thirst had been quenched. Are we matched with our counterparts in corporate or private sector businesses?  Absolutely not. In my humble irrelevant opinion, with the African American small business ownership skyrocketing to 400% in a year, I won’t be surprised in 2029 if my daughter owns and is successfully operating multiple dance studios.

This outlook goes beyond the 28 days of this month. 









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