#28DaysOfBlackness: It Can’t Just Beyonce’–The Climb & The Come-Up

Image result for beyonce and her backup dancers

We as a people always have more together than we do apart.

One of the reasons I am a fan of Beyonce as I am now is because of her willingness to put people on. With her Lemonade album the spoken word pieces were done by a writer named Waran Shire.

Let this be your reminder that your brother or sister hustling with, alongside or behind you is not your competition. Together you all are a force. The magnanimous Issa Rae said in an interview to look for the people that are around you; see whom is as hungry as you are, and work together.

“I’m rooting for everybody Black.” -Issa Rae

In the age of the retweet and the selfie, it is easy to think that you are in the world all by yourself. It is easy to think that you have to create and sustain your own platform. You would be right; there is an element to this entrepreneur/creative hustle that you have to be tenacious about. That you have to be adamant about creating and sustaining. In keeping that same energy, you have to be observant to whom is working around you in that same field.

It goes with and without saying there are some people you can’t work with not because of talent, but because of the desire for dominance. What do I mean? There are people whom can help you, but just because it is you and you may be better or equal to what they are doing, they won’t ever help you. Shoot, they may even sabotage you! But don’t let that fear of what may be stop you from what could be. For any vision to come to pass, you must have someone or a team of people help you. For any vision to be sustained, that support has to be consistent!

The dude that you know that makes beats may just need a shot on your music podcast to get heard. The freelance make-up artists you know may just need to be seen at some events you host to get her name out there. The freelancer writers you know may just need a push from your blog or site in order to have their work be seen.

We must love, help and support one another!

What you may see as something small (a retweet; blog post; referral to your professional tribe) could be monumental to someone else! Share your knowledge. Don’t be afraid to mentor. Allow your shoulders to broaden so you can launch others from them. Also, make sure you take time to work at what you love as well. Drink water. Sleep. Celebrate the wins. Before Beyonce won her first Grammy as a solo artist, she was singing in her Mama’s hair salon.

Everyone needs somewhere to start. And sometimes, as you build someone may be sent to you for what you already have. Don’t be stingy with your talents–be available. With that, you are prepared to keep going. Not everyone sent to you, or wants to work with you is an assassin. Some people want to hand you the hammer and nails to keep building.

[image from pride.com]

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