Jordan Peele is our here scaring and winning. Stacey Abrams is acting more and more like the POTUS we need and CARDI B won a Grammy! Sweet Love Hangover indeed!

Let’s get it!

#RKelly #YallThoughtItWasOver #WhatIsGoingOnInChicago #FastGirlsAreStillGirls #WhatMakesAGirlFast #ProtectBlackGirls #WhyIsThisHard #Beliebe

#MoNique #SteveHarvey

#Kap #Nike #Colorado

Sending love to the Parkland Shooting survivors from Margret Stoneman Douglas High School. There is no excuse that any person should have access to an assault rifle and be able to mow down people. The Admin and staff for The Ideal Firestarter are advocates of sensible gun reform. Your desire to bare arms should not cause me to fear for my life—or my children—on a daily basis.

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