#28DaysOfBlackness: My Brother’s Keeper

It is no secret that I am a fan of the dynamic force of nature that is President Obama. It is no secret that he has a presence to him that you cannot help but be drawn to or immolate. With the start of his foundation after his completion of a second term, this legacy of being a dynamic force for change and good continues.

Check out the mission:

Our Mission is to inspire, empower, and connect people to change their world.

That mission begins at home, on the South Side of Chicago, where we are building the Obama Presidential Center. But it extends to all our work, whether it’s holding leadership training sessions in communities throughout the U.S., bringing local leaders together in countries around the world, working to support the global education of girls, or ensuring young men of color have pathways to opportunity. 

But the thing is, as much as I tout visibility and opportunities for Black girls, I keep that same energy for Black boys. I throw my complete support behind any project that allows the Black boys to be amazing! I stan behind any organization that offers mentorship opportunities, and a glimpse at what they can become. I am a believer in the mantra for the project Because of Them We Can:

“Children cannot be what they cannot see.”

Black boys, Black young men, need to seem themselves in a capacity that challenges what they see on a daily basis. They need access to see themselves as college graduates, business owners, politicians, and even the President. With all this progress, we cannot forget to encourage and raise our sons! Our sons, too, need to know that they are not alone and hypermasculinity is not a religion! Black boys, Black young men, need to see the world can and does open up to them as well! And there is someone that has a key.

[image from The Obama Foundation website]

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