#28DaysOfBlackness: The Enduring Creativity Of Black Girl Magic

There are so many blessings I have encountered being a mother of two Black daughters. One of them is having two extra sets of ears to the creative things happening in the world. With them being avid watchers on YouTube, and being the mother I am, I supervise watch they watch. There was a channel they gravitated to called My Froggy Stuff where Barbie dolls and all their accessories were featured. I remember watching with my girls, and really not paying attention (I was watching, just not engaged or focused) until I heard a voice that was distinctively Black.

My Froggy Stuff is a YouTube channel and blog that totally focuses on dolls, art and crafting. As a Black girl that played with Barbies; used shoeboxes as beds and cars; made doll clothes from scraps of her grandma’s fabric bin, this channel is the validation for every Black girl that wanted something that Mattel didn’t make.

It’s not just making a look-a-like doll of the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. It’s not just making these dynamic scenes from posterboard, beds and fabric. It’s the fact that there is a Black woman (with her daughter) that is doing this! I mean, from Unbox Daily, the Darbie Show or her MashUps, this is the show that I wished I could have watched as a girl. The fact there is a woman that looks like me, that has made a platform and while being creative? I’m here for it. I am here and present!

Let me even break it down like this here. Here is how My Froggy Stuff describes her channel:

WE ARE MY FROGGY STUFF!!! We LOVE all things Dolls! We LOVE all things crafting! Doll Crafts, Barbie, American Girl, Monster High, Ever After High, Project MC2, Mini Dolls, Shopkins, Shopkins Shoppies, we LOVE any and ALL Dolls! We craft Dollhouses, Doll rooms, Doll Scenes, We have BRAND NEW videos every single Day, Blind Bags, Blind Boxes, Doll Reviews, Unboxings, Toy Reviews, YouTube Live every Week, The Darbie Show, Gaming, Mash Ups, Fabsome Collabs, 360 Interactive video!! You name it and we’ve got it!! My Froggy Stuff is a Fabulous Mother Daughter team of artsy Doll Crafters!

In this, with this, I cannot tell you what it means to have a Black woman literally making  her way.  I love my Froggy Stuff. I love the blog and what they represent and how creative sis is! I mean, she made and IKEA inspired closet and a valet! Like?! You cannot tell me how dope she is! How amazing this channel is! But most importantly–it’s Black woman run.

My Froggy Stuff is a continuation of Black Girl Magic.


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