Kellyanne ConArtist out here admitting she got hemmed up in public, Gucci lost their minds with these sweaters, and AOC is a different kinda G! On top of that? The WHOLE legislature of the state of Virginia needs to be thrown away!

Let’s get it!

#LiamNeeson #BlackGirlMagicCantFixThis #HeSaidIt #OutLoudWhereOtherPeopleHeard #ThisIsYourHero #DoBetter #BlackLivesMatter

Liam Neeson is out here being a whole ass.

In the culture we live in, I think people forget how quick it is to be shown to be ignorant and silly. He said after a friend of his was raped, by a [random] Black man, he went out looking for a Black man to harm–or kill. Now, keep in mind he’s doing press and promo for his new movie (the premise being a father who gets revenge on people that came for his son). Beside the fact this is utterly problematic, just because he kisses a Black woman in WIDOWS doesn’t make his behavior any less crazy or problematic!

I get the fact that he was hurt. I get the fact that we was mad! I even get the fact he wanted to hurt someone! But to admit this, in this climate?! Have you lost your mind?!

Ooh whee.

#Gucci #Blackface #YallHeardTI #LuxuryTrolling #Boycott #ValueUsMore #GucciNeedToQuitPlaying #ThrowTheGGAway

I’m so tired of luxury brands thinking Blackness is a running joke. That Blackness, to be Black, is itself a paradox of humanity.

The fact a designer at this prestigious fashion house thought this was provocative and fashionable, tells you just what they think about people of color. They created a turtleneck sweater that looked like it belonged with a minstrel show! And marketing it! Who was going to buy this?! Why didn’t someone say something about this?! Where were the people of color in this process?!

I’ll wait.

You want to know why Blackface is problematic? It’s dehumanizing. It’s denigrating. It’s never funny! To take what is immutable about a people, and ascribe all matter of evil to that same people, makes those people always less than. It makes them not quite enough–and makes them invisible.

It’s never about the paint…it’s what it represents.

TI took to social media to say that we shook a boycott Gucci. I agree. But how many IG models will get behind that? I’ll wait.

#AaronMcGruder #TheBoondocks #ItsAboutTime #TheHeroThatIsNeeded #HueyFreeman #RileyFreeman #GrandadFreeman #ErrebadyKnowARukkus #ReginaKingIsStillTheBestHueyAndRiley

Aaron McGruder is a writing bae.

I was overjoyed this week to find out he has started the comic strip today The Boondocks again! There is a level of just Black AF honesty that goes with his comic. At the risk of waxing and waning about my favorite dystopian movie, V FOR VENDETTA, artists use lies to tell the truth.

I couldn’t agree more!

There are some things that Huey Freeman can say that Aaron may never say. I’m here for his creativity, his Blackness and Huey reading Riley!

This week made me want to unplug the month of February and plug it in again, maybe the Tethers in US have something to do with this!

As of posting, Gucci has taken the Blackface turtleneck sweater down from the website.

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