#28DayOfBlackness: No Longer Enduring Erasure

I love the renaissance we as a people are going through. I love the platforms being created and the networks being created! I love the spaces we are creating for one another. Last month I was given a quote by a young lady (who works at T-Mobile of all places!)

Lift as you build.”

This means as you pursue your own platforms and spaces, you allow opportunities to show what you know. To grant opportunities and space for those whom never could or would have them otherwise. In combating erasure, this concept of lifting as you build is essential. All the space you make, all the connections you make will be useless if won’t extend them to others.

Erasure is only a detriment if it is ignored and remains unquestioned. If forge a space to be seen, and light indeed is coming, why not allow space for someone to get shine too? You have to be willing to put someone else on the lower stairs, even as you build the whole staircase.

By all means, build, dearest ones. Write the books. Write the business plans. Create the platforms. Organize the brunches. Take the lunches and the calls. But remember when you desired to seen; invited to the lunches or networking meetings; wanted your calls returned.

Lift as you build, because someone is depending on there being a staircase, door or road where they are going. Sometimes, there just needs to be someone brave enough to have gone ahead. We don’t have time to waste by diverting traffic of the people that look like us from opportunities they may and will need.

Jenifer Lewis says it this way, “First I had my time in the sun, now I am the sun.” In lifting as you build, you develop the capacity to do both. When you lift, you empower. When you climb, you blaze trails. You create platforms. You control what is seen and what is not seen. You get and garner attention. So, keep going. Someone needs you to get to where your vision dictates. So, keep going.

[image from ontheryse.com]

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