#28DaysOfBlackness: Black Panther Is Nominated For Best Picture (2018)

Image result for black panther academy award nomination
It’s about to go down.

I went to see Black Panther on opening night with my husband. I saw it again with my daughters. I saw my youngest daughter see a portion of herself in the comic book universe she now loves. My daughter now calls herself ‘Shuri’, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for her to have an adequate hero. I saw for a moment, exactly what I prayed the Marvel Universe would have more of: people that looked like me.

I counted 21 themes relevant to the movie. Ranging from the need for Black fathers to love and equip their sons, to the price of colonialism. I understand Black Panther is a comic book movie, and Wakanda a fictional place. I get there are those like Bill Maher whom will say those of us whom found solace in these ink and paper people need to ‘grow up.’

To them, I say, “Kick rocks.”

The fact this movie exists is monumental. The fact it has 6 nominations is monumental. The fact these nominations range from Best Score, to Sound Editing to Best Picture is monumental. Do I believe the movie can win for Best Picture? Yes, I do. I really do. All of me that is fan and writer wants it to! Needs it to!

There have only been a handful of Black films nominated for an Academy Awards, and even fewer have won Best Picture! I mean Moonlight won Best Picture, but almost didn’t get it because of how well Warren Beatty couldn’t read 3 years ago (I still don’t know how that happened! All he had to do was open the red envelope and read what the white card had to say! How TF was that so hard?!)!

I, along with every Black creative, will be sitting to through hours of awards that don’t matter just to see if Black Panther wins. But I’ll tell you a secret. Whenever dope Blackness occurs on the Academy Awards, I wind up not watching!

When Halle Berry and Denzel Washington won Best Actress and Actor awards? I didn’t watch–I thought no one Black would win.

I covered by eyes when Jamie Foxx won for Ray–and was on the phone with a boyfriend at the time.

When GET OUT won last year for Best Original Screenplay? I didn’t even think to watch it because the reporting around the movie wanted to classify it as a ‘comedy.’ So for this magnanimous occasion, I think I may be brave the show. For the culture, I have to do it! #WakandaForever

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