The King has returned. Black Panther is back in AMC Theaters! ENDGAME is out in two months, and 28 Days of Blackness just got so real, so fast! Let’s get it!

#BlackPresident #BlackPresidents #CoryBooker #KamalaHarris #NewPOTUS #GetJeezy#MyPresidentIsBlack #MyLambosBlue #WeGotUs #WeAllWeGot #WhoWeGot

Cory Booker is running for President. Kamala Harris is running for President. The fact there are two Black candidates running for POTUS is life-altering! I mean just think of it! What if we really allowed ourselves to dream for a minute. What if, in the span of a generation there could really be TWO Black presidents? Two! Like one more than ONE?! Just imagine.

President Cory Booker.

President Kamala Harris.

I know at present we may not have a lot to rejoice over, but today? This week? It just got a little more amazing to be Black.

#SoDamnBlack #Movies #Awards #SAGAwards #HereGoesEverything #BestPicture #CanYouFeelIt #ICanFeelIt #BlackPanther #AllBlackEverything #YoungGiftedAndBlack #HereWECome

Black Panther was awarded the top honor of Best Picture at the SAG Awards. Chadwick Boseman gave the acceptance speech and I adored him all over again. He talked about the how important this film was, and the cultural impact of Black Panther. He spoke about being excluded, underestimated and just plain old left out. Chadwick spoke about being young, gifted and Black–with no outlet.

We know the Academy Awards can be ‘so damn white.’ We know a couple years ago when Moonlight won for Best Picture, it almost didn’t (Thanks, Warren Beatty!). I am…hopeful honestly. I believe that the movie can win. For the culture, for Blackness, for the 6 year-old-girl that loves Marvel–and the daughter that girl had whom loves Shuri—I want Black Panther to win. I want the movie to win. As a writer, I need this to happen. As a Black woman, I need the continued evidence of Black excellence.

#MoreThanAnAthlete #LeBronJames #BigThingsPoppin #MakeSpace #MakeWaves #GetThisDiversity #MoreThanMeetsTheEye #ESPN #MoreThanJocks #MoreThanTheNBA #MoreThanWhatYouThink

I am a fan of LeBron James.

This space that he is in, continues to allow me to like him more as a man. I believe this 8-part series on ESPN will do wonders for how we look at the young men whom are graced to play a game–and be paid handsomely to do so. My hope is that this space he is carving out to be  a socially conscious athlete (as was seen and known two generations ago) will be a trend…again.

This week has had it’s highs and lows. The joy is coming, dearest ones. And sometimes we have to find it. Keep going, dearest ones. Keep going.

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