Butterfly Wings, Butterfly Muscles

Sometimes you have to break out. By any means necessary.

Before the change is complete for a butterfly, before the wings can ever be open to grace the world, you have to break from your current confines. It is the breaking out of the chrysalis that develops the strength a butterfly needs to fly. You have to break out!

Sometimes the hardest thing is to show the world, and the people in it, the changes that you have made. The outer form is nothing, if you cannot demonstrate what you have become. Show what you now have to offer. Confident in what you will do next.

You have to let the comments from people be just that: comments. They cannot, should not, effect what you are to become. Especially, if these comments have come from someone who hasn’t offered anything to your change before.

You have to let the people whom cannot relate to you, just not relate to you. It will have to be okay that they may think that you have ‘changed.’ It will have to be okay for them to think you’re ‘acting funny’ or ‘forgotten you really are.’ Let this type of commentary be what my great-aunt said:

“Let it be like water off a duck’s back.”

This means, don’t let it phase you. Don’t let it stop you.

As your change becomes more evident, it could be easier to show it in metered doses. Fine, do what you need to do as you see fit. But you have to know there are going to be people that notice, and will say something about what they have seen. This is human nature. It’s also human nature to try and control or ridicule what they don’t understand.

But, the greater thing you have to understand is the changes you have made aren’t for other people. But for you! The muscles you have developed while in your cocoon are there to help the changes you are making remain and are productive. These butterfly muscles help with patience, endurance and understanding. Sometimes, the hardest person to be patient with is yourself. Change is not immediate, and some times can take more than one attempt to change something about yourself.

Are you coming out or not?

Butterflies don’t need to be freed. They don’t need to be broken out. They have to remember they are equipped with everything they need to become. If you try and break a butterfly out before they come out themselves, you’ll kill them. Why? They have to finish developing–it’s the strength in their wings they will need to get fly. Wings need resistance. The resistance gives muscles their power and potential to grow.

You’ve come a long way. You have endured the snide comments, and side conversations and outright suspicion of what it is you want to do or become. Don’t give up because the final stages are hard! They are supposed to be difficult! The last stages of any transformation are difficult because it requires all you have, all you have learned, and all that the process has forced you to become. The outside pressure to conform (remain unchanged) exerts on this cocoon. The inner pressure to keep changing, to be yourself, forces you out–forces your wings to flap.

From the flapping, that strengthening, that unction to continue, the cocoon breaks. It breaks, and you emerge.


More knowledgeable.

And not carrying what other people think.

Butterfly muscles give you the capacity to change. From that, removed from that fear, you can do anything.

So, do it.

[images fineartamerica.com, magickanoe.com]

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