Do You Want To Be A Butterfly?

Remember, change takes effort.

Butterflies are so overlooked. They are seen as these pretty bugs, rather than the badasses of the natural world.

No butterfly, no matter their final size and beauty, start off being that. The boldest, most beautiful of butterflies, start as caterpillars. These slimy, small ugly beings that you find on the ground or in trees. They eat leaves and wait for their change to come.

Not real sexy, I know.


Then, for no
other reason than the time for change has come, this caterpillar whom has gone
ham eating these leaves, finds a branch to chill on. From the branch, it
creates a cocoon. And hides!

But dig this!
The process isn’t over.

They aren’t
dead, they aren’t dying and they aren’t hiding from the world. The butterfly is
doing what most of us should do when life changes: regroup and see what is
inside of you.

The cocoon that a butterfly constructs–they construct for themselves! They make the space to change. They make the time and decision to change when all things are right
for them. The thing that is important to pay attention to is the change takes
as long as it takes.

The change takes as long as it takes.


After the inner change is complete, that doesn’t mean the butterfly will be seen by the world right away. They have to emerge. Butterflies have to develop the capacity to break out of the cocoon they have built! Don’t miss this!


They control the change.

They control the duration of the change.

They dictate when and where the change is witnessed by the world.


What is the most incredible is how the butterfly fights and flexes its way free. It discovers its wings and what they can do. On instinct, as they open and flex, the cocoon breaks open.

The capacity to change, to embrace the newness of your life, requires what I like to call butterfly muscles.


Butterfly muscles are those instinctive things that help you push forward, to break out of the boxes you put yourself in. At the appointed time, you’ll come out. More often than not, you are going to have to be the one that defines or saves yourself.


Butterfly muscles are a survival technique. They are a means to develop inner strength and fortitude to go forward to make the changes you desire, dear one. You can do it.

Flex your butterfly muscles.



[image from Pintrest]

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