The Here And Right Now

My favorite high school teacher was a short, white-haired man named Henry “Hank” Barrere. He was the first socially conscious White man that I had ever met. He coached football at my high school, so everyone called him ‘Coach.’ When I took him for my Honors American Studies class, he made it apparent that he was a Civil War buff. He also quoted generals from this war in lectures or casual conversation. His favorite quote was, “He who hesitates is lost.”

In this new year, on the cusp of the second decade in the new millennium, this quote, first referenced by Joseph Addison is still as relevant now as then. With the mood for January being starting over and blank slates, the time has never been more apparent to remind you of the control you have over your own life!

The thing you wish to do? Why not do it? Why not go forth and do it? What is stopping you from doing it? What is the source of the hesitation?

The new year, at least the first quarter of it, lulls some into procrastination and apathy. This romantic notion that the first month of a new year is a trial period, rather than space to create and become. The idea that what you swore you would do more of can now wait. Or worse yet, the thing you want is now unattainable because of what you thought you needed.

Fear not. Ignore the doubt.

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The time you have is right now. The opportunities you have are being presented right now. The people whom support you–they are doing so right now.

The only time that you have is right here and now. Tomorrow is a lie for people whom have no idea what to do with the time they have been given.

Don’t be that person. Don’t associate with those people.

In a song a heard, the artist says that time is the one thing that gives everything and can take everything away. Don’t squander it. Don’t second guess it. Use it.

Work it.

Make time to create the opportunities you need and believe you shall have. Time makes no excuses, but does make provisions.

Which one will you use?

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