For The Price Of Change

Kendrick Lamar as this track on his album To Pimp A Butterfly called How Much A Dollar Cost. When I heard this track, I fell in love with this lyricism that much more. He deserved the Pulitzer.

The thing that most people forget is that change costs. The desire to change is free, but changing costs. The changing, the process of changing, can be ugly and painful. This is why changing is hard; it’s not comfortable–nor for the faint of heart.

The consistent thing and about this life, in all its joy and sorrow is change. The weird thing? You can change your life at any time you wish, and to whatever form you choose.

You must understand that changing will put you in the crosshairs of all things contrary. It will make enemies of the people whom you saw as friends. Making the decision to change, embracing change, will make you reexamine the things which are valuable. And ascribe worth to time, process and most importantly self.

Your own self is such a treasure.

It is not your job to explain your life to people with no intention on understanding or supporting you.

The price of change is you.

It’s always going to be you.

What are you willing to give up to get what you want? What are you willing to cut off to get to where you desire to go? There is a map etched in your mind and one in your heart. Once they match, this is when and where change occurs!

What’s on your mind?

What’s in your heart?

And what are you doing to make those 2 things match?

The fact is dear ones, etching the map between head and heart is hard. It’s secretive. It’s hard. It’s scary. For me? Making those maps match caused me to walk away from a degree I had no passion for. From a marriage that didn’t serve me. Making these maps match has been an investment in time and energy.

It has cost me people I love and cherished. It has cost me sleepless nights, chatter from people that didn’t believe in me…and to silence my own doubts.

Changing me has cost the me most people were comfortable with. The expectations. The perceptions. The augmented history. But those need to be shed for change to stick! Becoming whom you want is worth the work.

So, go forward. Make some people mad. Change. And watch what happens.

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