The government is still shut down. The ‘big, beautiful wall’ is not going to be built and this steel slats? They have already gotten a hacksaw put to them! There’s a tunnel being dug under them right now! Now, The Joker is saying that he never said Mexico would pay for the wall! You cannot make this up! To add further insult to injury, the IRS will be unable to process tax returns until the government reopens! By all means, listen to the man whom once boasted that he had a golden toilet say he identifies with the people whom have to choose between gas, utility bills and groceries. Come get y’all lil president!

Let’s get it!

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The governor of Tennessee granted Cyntoia Brown clemency. I admit, I was suspicious and suspect. I had a small hope—like far away star hope. But I am so glad the world rallied for her. I am so glad that she has a chance to get some of her life at 30! The state of Tennessee was determined to keep her and devour all of her youth; her coming saged self; and whatever wisdom she would get as an older woman.

Yet, even with clemency, her parole date is August 7.

I am of two minds about this, and both of them as a woman. Not just a mother. Everyone involved in this campaign wants her released the day clemency was granted. However, the thing about that–it’s the same thing most felons run into:  housing, job opportunities, and social support.

We already know that she has an Associate’s Degree. But where is she going to stay? We know she has family. But we know that they aren’t necessarily stable. We know that as a felon her job prospects are limited. Do we know where we can send her money that it be safe and waiting for her? We know most ex-cons without proper social support go right back to what they were doing when they got locked up. We know that education is a way forward, but we know it will take more than that to get her reacclimated to life outside. She has spent more than a decade in prison.

We can wish her well, but sis is going to need more than thoughts and prayers. And we are going to give her more than thoughts and prayers. I will keep you all posted on what happens next and beyond August 7, 2019.

#JazmineBarnes #ShaunKing #ThisDontLookRight #Sketch #SketchArtists #HowDidTheShooterGoFromWhiteToBlack #BlackLivesMatter #WatchTheWriters #WatchTheWords #ReadWhatIsSaid #SeeWhatTheySaid

I will be the first to say that Shaun King is a polarizing figure. He just is. One of the groups I’m in on Facebook called him Thurgood Partial. I mean, I like the fact that Shaun is vocal, he is present and he is a fulcrum. And he can be problematic. From the time Jazmine Barnes was  murdered in her mother’s car at Wal-Mart, the cry to find el monstro that did this! And the sketch was looked like a white guy–and four eye witnesses said he was white. Now, how is it that the young men they arrested where Black?

Someone make this make sense! Someone tell me how Shaun King was involved with a police investigation where four eyewitnesses are told that their eyes are lying?! I write for a living, and I can’t make this make sense. The more I try to make it make sense, the more questions I have and less it does. Now the young men accused of this crime are saying that they had nothing to do with it. Make it make sense, Shaun?! And the guy that matched the description—he got let go.

Someone please make this all make sense.

#RKellyFallOut #SurvivingHellsHarem #TheFallOut #TheWebsiteDoe #ThereHasToBeAnEndToThis #WhoGonStopThePiedPiper #BelieveTheWomen #BelieveBlackWomen #ListenToBlackWomen #Trauma #Healing #Exposure #SurvivingRKelly

I watched the Surviving R. Kelly documentary. If I said I am blown away, would be an understatement. I am of the mind that R. Kelly hid in plain sight. He hid in music, among money, and with the impunity power gives. It is revolting.

It is revolting how this nation worships the Black female form makes us these wanton sexual dolls and then throw us away. Zora Neale Hurston says it like this:

“If you are silent about your pain, they will kill you and say you enjoyed it.”

Now in the face of all that had been done or said, R. Kelly and his band of Misfit Toys made a whole website called Surviving Lies to defame the women that have accused him of molestation and assault. You cannot make this (bleep) up! He is a blend of John Gotti, Don Quixote and The Libertines. Do one thing for me Firestarters, believe Black women.


The world is hard enough without the people that look like you know believing the evils in the world don’t stick to you when they come. The world is hard enough without having to endure the wounds of the world, while bleeding—and no one will help you stop it.

These first 11 days in January have been rapid! There was literally something happening every single day! But what we are going to do is keep these fires over here lit–and start more than a few before it’s all over. Trust.

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