Happy New Year beloveds! We have made it to another set of 365 days! I am so happy and grateful to still be here and with all of you!

Let’s get it!

#Government #USCongress #HouseOfRepresentatives #AuntieMaxineRunningThangs #AOCIsFamNow #Diversity #Women #TheHOUSEIsLIT

The 116th Congress has been sworn in and the diversity of this Congress is amazing! I was brought to tears. The fact there are 2 Native American women FINALLY elected after the nation has been in existence over two centuries? Beyond moving!

I’m HERE for everything Auntie Maxine is about to do! I’m here for the impeachment, the accountability and making this hunchback Batman villain realize the country is about to turn and we’re already chanting, “Lock him up!”

The fact FOX NEWS is trippin that AOC was dancing in a viral video?! I laughed at. Like?! You can tell that that ENTIRE network does nothing but pander, insinuate, elude and lie. They only exist to remind White people are White and being White is still okay. Now, let’s get this Senate flipped. The government is representative of the people–especially now.

The Senate is composed and ruled by out of touch White men whom don’t value women, diversity or the voice of a nation that wants better. Why? They believe they know best. Think of the Senate as the doppelg√§nger of Daddy Warbucks.

#WendyWilliams #Gossip #GossipQueen #ChickensComingToRoost #HereIsTheRoost #KevinHunter #KelvinHunter #RememberWhatBeySaid #BetYouNeedLemonadeNow #WatchHowYouDoPeople #TheComebackIsReal

Let me say this.

I am all for Black women doing, planning and securing all bags. I’m all for us being and becoming great. The world needs more Shondalands and less viral World Star Hip-Hop videos. I’m all for us being heard and visible.

This is why I can only look at this situation and shake my head. Wendy Williams has made a career out of being bold and outspoken–while talking about people she does not personally know. She spills tea on everyone and everything else! Wendy grins while other people’s lives are falling apart and the embers are fading. But when it happens to her, when it’s about her, then everyone is out of pocket for spilling her tea!

This week, I followed this story. I didn’t feel sorry for her. I didn’t revel in what was happening to her. It was like watching someone’s house burn down from inside your own. While the fire department tries to subdue the flames, you remember that that these neighbors smoked. They left those lit cigarettes everywhere–and they finally caught.

From the houses bought, her breaking down on set and pregnant side chicks, her life is one of the stories she talks about. It’s sad. It really is! But I don’t feel sorry for her. I don’t wish anyone to lose their marriage. However, I don’t feel bad for the woman who reveled in the downfall of other people’s relationships losing hers.

#RKelly #Chicago #PiedPiper #Crazy #SurvivingRKelly #Lifetime #RobertBigMad #BelieveBlackGirls #SexualTrauma #Molestation #Rape #RapeCulture #Predator #Evil #StopProtectingAbusers

Robert Kelly is the worst kind of predator.

And it is horrifying how prolific he was. He is and how no one stopped him. No one said anything. No one tried to say anything to him. No one was suspicious of all these young girls everywhere and all around him?! No one?!

A fellow writer, Ashley Yates, said that Black women protect Black women. When she said that, there was a deep resounding that rang inside of me. I knew this was true. I knew it was true like God is real. I knew. When Black men attacked her on social media for saying this, it only confirmed this.

For twenty years, since and before the death is Aaliyah Dana Haughton, Robert Kelly has stalked and abused Black girls in Chicago. And no one did anything. As a Black woman, I am devastated. As a rape survivor, I’m hurt. As a Black mother, I am enraged!

It is horrendous how the Black community treats Black girls whom are victims of abuse! It’s a travesty how Black women are treated in this nation on top of surviving this type of trauma!

R. Kelly’s legal team are threatening to sue Lifetime over this documentary. They allege that everything is a lie. All the women are lying. One of the backup dancers allege that Aaliyah and her mother had a threesome with him and she saw it! Aaliyah’s mother said that was a lie.

The streaming over R. Kelly’s music has gone up, which means he’s making more money in the face of MCA protests that want him dropped from the label. It only makes the bitter truth of Mama Pope more real, and just as hard to digest. Especially, Gwen she says, “Admirable or ridiculous?”

Hug your daughters tighter. This world desires to devour them whole.

2019 is shaping up to be a formidable year. The Ideal Firestarter will be here looking and reporting and saying something, saying the things that need to be said. Someone has to.

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