The Change You Wanna Be In The World

It’s 2019. What is next to conquer?

It’s the second day of the new year. One more year before we are twenty years into the new millennium. Can you believe it? I’m still looking forward to my Hoverboard, and seeing Martin McFly. Google him.

The one thing that has been a focal point in my life especially over the past year and so is the idea, process, the concept of change. The adage says there nothing so permanent in life but change. I agree.

I have always been fascinated with sunrises. This act of the world starting over, and over again with only the light of a star. I remember staying awake all night some nights to just watch the sun. I would leave blinds or curtains over so I could see the fresh light of a fresh day.

It is the change I was obsessed with. It was the act of starting over, of witnessing that start over that was magical. And now, in so many, many sunrises later? I still chase the change. I still desire the change.

I don’t fear the change.

On this second sunrise of the second day of the new year, I ask that you not fear the change. Don’t fear what the new year holds for you. The possibilities. The challenges. The nuances. The new chances.

Don’t fear the change, beloves. Become them. Watch the sun, and then give chase.

[image from The Listener’s Club]

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