The Forever FLOTUS is out here slaying in thigh high Balenciaga boots and a canary yellow dress! She is the epitome of class, grace and God’s favor if you endure the process of Becoming. Melanoma Triscuit could never! Let’s get it!

#JayZ #AJenner #Wealth #Legacy #FalseEquivalence #WhoMakesTheseLists #ShawnCarterIsAMogul #KylieJennerIsNotMyGoal #IDontWearHerStuff #TellOnMe

This week, I learned that Shawn Carter, Jay-Z is indeed a mogul and worthy of more respect. I learned also that he and Kylie Jenner have the same net worth. Okay. See the problem I have with this is simple. I am all for women securing the bag, but I can’t identity with a dame’s whose family was put on because her sister can take (reasonably) good peen. And be pretty on film. Aight, sis. I can’t identify with a girl that all she had to do to be successful was show up and in a room or space full of people what her sister’s name is. Or what her mother’s name is. I can’t identify or utilize this experience. Though I’ve never sold drugs or kicked in a door, and I am not a man, I can identify with Jay. I know what it’s like have vision and not have people support you. Believe you. Or give a shoulder or hand to help you get there. I know what it’s like to fight for space. To be seen. To hold space for others–and daring to be the shoulders for someone else to launch from. The fact that the same girl whose sister was naked and been dug out, has the same wealth as a Black man that built himself up from the underside of nothing? It’s infuriating. Don’t @ me.

#CharlotteClymer #SociallyLiberal #FalseBottomGOP #TisTheSeason #WTFIsSociallyLiberal #ClandestineCowardice #Exposure #ShowYaAssAndImmaKickIt

I am a fan of Charlotte Clymer! I love her because she is unapologetic, present and holding people accountable in her womanhood (Before you come for me, I am a fan of Diamond Stylz and the dynamic Jahaira D. I am ever a fan of them and Janet Mock–I hold space for transwomen–especially transwomen of color! Back to it.). On her Twitter feed, Charlotte talks about being approached by a member of the current administration. He approached HER. This person told her that although he is votes GOP, he says he was ‘socially liberal’. (Hold a pin there. Remember this phrase, I’ll dig into this in August when we discuss activism and allyship!) In the 16-Tweet thread, she read him for filth! These are my favorites: There is something to this! You cannot be for me in private and ask for absolution under the guise of politics–in my face. No. No. HAYLE. No. She gave him DUST. And I shouted as I read this! I loved the decisive nature of the thread and how she didn’t cow and play up to the expectation of white supremacy! The best thing this Orange Julius Fu–ker has done is expose allies as frauds when situations dictate! If freedom is ever going to happen, accountability must be the standard and foundation. Give em hell, Janet! Give em hell, Jahaira! Give em hell, Diamond! Give em hell, Charlotte!

#HustleForMeHustle #BoarderWall #Wypipo #StupidAlwaysCosts #HowLong #ShutAllThisSh!tDown #SillyRabbitTricksAreForTyrants #ThisMotherf#ckerHere #GoFundMeIsNotAPlan #DemsBetterNotFoldUp #MakeTheGOPOwnAllThisSh!t #PaperPlanes

There’s a GOFUNDME campaign to build this stupidass wall. After, this mother—– said Mexico would pay for it! Keep that same energy! Go ask them for it! Supposedly, this campaign was started by a triple amputee war vet! You cannot make America up! Flint has no clean water. CURRENT Infrastructure is crumbling. The education of children is lackadaisical at best, and there’s been over one million US DOLLARS given to this campaign! Let that sink in. This is social genocide. This is a war on visibility. On resources. On anyone that is not white. If you call yourself an ally, now is a time to show it! The time to fetishize activism is over. I need y’all to get what is happening! And not turn your head hoping someone else will handle this! The ‘someone else’ is you! It’s me! It’s all of us! You cannot name Christ as Lord, and be okay with this! Moreover, the jackass fueling this campaign has been tagged by Facebook for spouting conspiracy theories! The nation is on the cusp of being kicked off its axis by a man that cannot spell SMOKING. As of midnight Eastern Standard Time, if no resolution is reached, the federal government will be shut down. This means federal workers will be out of work. Before Christmas. With families. And bills. I cannot deal. 46-1 is a tyrant is the lowest order. He has decided to sacrifice all of us, because he can’t get his way. Impeach him already! Fredo Correleone is running the country. At the posting, the administration of The Ideal Firestarter is aware is the incident regarding the wrestling match in New Jersey where Andrew Johnson of Buena Regional High School was asked to cut his hair before a New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association match. The referee Alan Mahoney ordered him to cut his hair or forfeit the match. The reason? His hair didn’t comply with the league regulations. Even though his head was covered. Please read the admin’s reaction here.

One thought on “RUNITBACK FRIDAY-12/21/2018

  1. An outstanding share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a friend who was conducting a little homework on this. And he actually bought me dinner due to the fact that I stumbled upon it for him… lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending the time to discuss this issue here on your site.


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