The Forever FLOTUS is out here winning, selling books and defying age with life-giving melanin. Becoming has sold two million copies. The Mueller investigation is looking more and more like a Law & Order episode. The only present I want the Joker to get for Christmas is a set of silver bracelets from the FBI. If they could kick in the door, that would be great too! It is Christmastime, after all. Let’s get it!

#CyntoiaBrown #Pardon #SexTraffic #Victim #BelieveWomen #PrisonReform #ReformAndRectify #SexWork #WomenMatter #WomenAreValuable

I have spoken about Cyntoia on the blog before. My battle cry is that she needs to be freed. She was sold by a pimp, landed in the hands of a John, killed him because she thought he’d try and kill her. You cannot tell me that trauma didn’t contribute to her actions! You cannot tell me that if she hadn’t been with a pimp named KuttThroat (!!!) that she wouldn’t have been in that position. If you research her life, you know that sis has been through some serious sh!t. The state is Tennessee has denied her parole. They want her to serve all 51 years before being let out. See. They want her to die in prison. A black woman, killed a white man, have deemed her dangerous and all perceived dangerous Black women must be corralled or contained. You can’t tell me that’s as to why she hasn’t gotten paroled. The crusade for her freedom has gotten more vocal. The Tennessee governor is getting pressure (and all of it is due!) for a pardon for her. Don’t let up! Email. Call. Sign the petition. Follow the case. The Ideal Firestarter is putting the full backing and presence to this campaign. I’ve signed it, make sure you do too!

#ViolaDavis #BlackGirlMagic #Love #Fight #Visible #Visibility #MakeAPlatform #LookLikeUs #WeMatter #BlackWomenMatter #StopTamingUs

Say what you want, I have and shall ever be a fan of hers. This week, at an event hosted by the Hollywood Reporter, Viola–in accepting the Sherry Lansing Award said, “I cannot lead with bullshit!” I concur. The passion by which she spoke moved me to tears. I felt the ambition, frustration and the drive to make it better. She spoke of being pushed to stereotypes, and fighting out of them! She spoke of her production company and the need to tell the stories of Black people by Black people. The notable thing, the thing I felt so deeply was when she said, “Stop taming us!” For so long, Black women have to adjust for the world around us–unable to handle or place us. It is time that we bend the world. And we do that by visibility, making space and remembering that we, too, matter and need to be seen.

#Prada #Fashion #BuyBlack #AlwaysBlack #Blackface #BlackfaceAintFashion #BoldAF #WhoDoTheseFolkThinkWeAre #MelaninIsNotToBeMocked

When I tell you… I cannot be more done with Prada than I am right now! How the (bleep) are you going to make a blackface purse charm?! I need to know who thought this was okay! I need to know what the creative design team thought about this! Like, where there sketches? Lunches? I need to know WHO TF APPROVED THIS! I super need to know! This monstrosity was brought to attention of the irate public by virtue of Twitter (yes, it was a Black woman that alerted the world to this bullshit.). I can’t, mane. I really can’t. When she asked why the store thought these blackface/Sambo items were okay to sell, the associate at this Prada store did think anything about it! She did say there was a Black male associate that worked there, but didn’t anymore. Now, I don’t know how long it took fam to quit or if these items were a reason why he quit. This is the type of madness that reminds me to keep buying from Black designers. This is the type of bullshit that reminds me that some of these designers don’t respect me, my people or what this ignorant imagery means. I don’t pay my money to be insulted. I ain’t ever got to have Prada nothing. Not even knockoff. Economic-fueled racism is a pandemic.

Okay, beloveds. The year is winding up. Know that 2019 is going to be more fiery than this one. We’re finding our beat, writing and building. Remember to follow this space!

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