George Herbert Walker Bush is dead. The Joker fell asleep on the front row of the service. Barack did his best not to be BARRY, while Michelle looked like, “You better not ask ME shit.” Whew, Lord. Let’s get it!

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Fam, y’all know that I am not a gossip blog. Y’all know that is not my vein, my bag or desire. But the thing is, I knew this relationship wasn’t going to last. This is the craziest thing I have seen in a while. Why? Call it the advantage of age–you can see crazy quicker to avoid it. Offset (WHAT IS AN OFFSET?!) and Cardi B have been married not even 2 years. They have a child. And on social media, there are viral apologies by the women that tried to have a threesome whom wanted to have sex with him. I don’t expect much from broads that call themselves Cuban Doll and Summer Buni. The aforementioned young woman said in a video on Instagram that she was sorry. The most striking thing? She said this: “I didn’t know how serious his marriage was.”


This is the problem we keep having with this type of behavior! I’m not even mad at these girls, they only got in this situation because (and hear this well): Offset is/was a married man. He had been having affairs since before the marriage.! Cardi B married a man she knew had been unfaithful to her. Offset was lead by the desire to have all the pussy he thought he could get! It is not about blaming the woman–she is only half the problem! THE MAN IS THE PROBLEM! It was HIS marriage, HIS relationship, that HE decided to step out on! The class of women he is/was exposed to in his current occupation make conquest of married men; men with any visibility or influence; men they believe can help them advance in their own ambition. They are not above using their bodies or any other wiles to get what they want. As vapid or temporal as that is. Now that may sound sexist and mean, and it is not meant to be. The problem with infidelity is that it is messy! There are elements of this that enrage me. Frustrate me. And allow me to be ensconced in my belief that I most people want a wedding–not a marriage. I wish Cardi the best, and hope her bag is secure. This about to be dumb.

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As much as I love film, I’m aware that not all share my adoration. There had been this movement since Chris Rock hosted years ago, to make the award show more lively. When I heard that Kevin Hart would be hosting, I thought that would be awesome! I thought Kevin would be great–much better than James Franco was. Lord knows that was tragic! Through the hyper-sleuthing of the internet, it was found that Kevin had some tweets that talked about how he would react if he had a son who was gay. For record, Kevin has 3 kids now–the oldest 2 (a son and daughter) from his first marriage. Kevin apologized for anyone that had been hurt by his remarks. He said he was joking and declined to host the event next year. The problem with this is two-fold. One: There are LGBTQIA people treated horribly by their parents and family. To joke about that it harsh. Two: You have to be mindful of what you say, you never know who is watching you. You may not be aware of what you may have said which will poison potential opportunities. Two-A: Comedians test the limits on a consistent basis. From the satirists of Rome, to Lenny Bruce, Redd Foxx and George Carlin—they say outrageous things all the time. The observations can be funny, provocative or both. Some people can’t take a joke. Or want it. Or even believe the matter is one.

#Atlanta #WhatIsGoingOnATL #HIV #AIDS #InfectionRates #Infection #KnowYourStatus #BreakTheStigma #ProtectYourself #AIDSISREAL

AIDS IS STILL INCURABLE. The article that I came across today stated the rate of infection for HIV/AIDS in Atlanta is one that rivals that of a third world country! How, Sway?! Look, I know y’all who follow me are old enough to be a Firestarter (at least 16,17). Y’all know how I feel about knowing your status and taking care of yourself! I’m old enough to remember Ryan White. I’m old enough to remember seeing people on the news saying there was a disease killing people and nothing being done about it! I remember seeing ACT UP protests on TV, and talk about drugs and research. I remember the silence and ambivalence of George Bush. I remember. I also know that we as a people need to stop forcing morality on people. People have sex! People don’t always have condoms! People lie about whom they are sleeping with! But it is your job to know you own status to protect yourself! Once you know your status, then you can be proactive! The fact that the American South, especially Atlanta is burning like this is abhorrent! It is also a testament to the need for better access to healthcare. To testing. To medicine. To challenge the stigma and notions of what it means to be positive, or be gay and happen to be positive. This has got to stop…yesterdays ago. As of this posting the admin staff is aware that the murderer of Heather Heyer by a Neo-Nazi in Charlottesville, NC has been convicted of First Degree murder. We are overjoyed at this portion of justice! However, there is still more work to be done. Still more to be done and dismantle, and The Ideal Firestarter is here for it!

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