Is it just me or did this week seem like something Scorsese came up with? From Manafort, to the Joker to the Michael Cohen SNITCHING-SNITCHING, I’m low-key waiting on the Casino scene where the Feds break in doors and folk wind up getting whacked. Nevertheless, let’s get it!

#SheDidIt #DallasPD #MurderCharges #GetItRight #ChargeHerAndLockHerUp #BlackLivesMatter #SayHisName #BothamJean #ExistingWhileBlack

This was a late edition this evening. Bruh! When I woke up and saw the Grand Jury decided to indict Amber Guyger for MURDER, I smirked. I didn’t rejoice, I didn’t shout–I accepted it. Here is why: this is only half the battle. This woman broke in this man’s house and killed him. I don’t care how ‘tired’ she was. I don’t care what she thought he might do. She should not be qualified to carry a firearm as part of her job description if she doesn’t remember where she lives; or to turn on a light to make sure her house is hers. This is ridiculous, and I get angry all over again when I think about it.

A police officer went into a citizen’s apartment without a warrant. She had no reason to be there. She saw a figure in that apartment. She shot and killed him because ‘he didn’t follow commands’.

I wonder if he were white would this have ended differently.

I want her to go to jail. I want her to never get out! I want more police accountability. I want the people whom are able to snuff out my life (and in effect everyone I know!) to be held to a standard! Why is that hard?! Why is the a problem?! Why is this a problem to ask for?! My life matters, even if just to me! You don’t get to break in my house, with a gun, and make me do something! No! Like they wanted to lock Hilary up, keep that same energy and lock this 🤬 up!

#Mueller #UnbotheredGoals #PressIn #Motivation #IsItOverYet #MichaelCohenAintGoing #FallGuy #FoolsFollowFools #WhatNow #CampaignGetHisAss #IfYouShootMeYouBetterShootStraight #HangOn #Resist #Impeach #WhoScared

My sister Kellz put on her Facebook wall yesterday that Michael Cohen is “snitching SNITCHING!” Indeed he is! Bruh! James Patterson collaborating with Mario Puzzo couldn’t come up with this plot! So, this mother—-er was talking to Russia and its operatives as late as JUNE 2016. Like?! And Mr. Cohen lied to Congress—which is still a crime! The rats are leaving the ship. The rats are chewing holes in the ship to get out!

There is no loyalty neither honor among thieves. It’s every man for himself at this point. For the Joker to threaten to release classified documents if he’s investigated? PLEASE! You cannot run a country and hold it hostage at the same time. When this comes down–there is no if–when it comes down this is going to take anyone whom knew, thought about knowing and was paid from it. It’s about to get Mardi Gras hangover ugly in a minute…

#Becoming #MichelleObama #BillionDollarBlackGirl #BlackGirlMagic #ITooAmBecoming #SoftLight #DoItJesus #BeAMichelle #DoItLikeMichelle #IvyLeagueHustle #DoItLikeTheFLOTUS #FLOTUS


This is amazing! This is warranted! This is phenomenal! I cannot imagine this happening to another person more deserving!

This book was reviewed on the blog earlier this month, and I cannot recommend this enough or to enough people. The book hasn’t been in print 60 days yet! Get it dammit!

I’m getting copies for my daughters for Christmas! They need a copy for future endeavors! They need to be reminded she existed and was excellent in her capacity! We. Will. Remember. Michelle.

We will always remember Michelle!

Congrats to our Forever FLOTUS!

This week we remember the Ferguson activist and revolutionary, Bassem Massari. He was 31 when he passed away this week. We still resist. We still fight. We still organize. We still love. We still say FTP. #FergusonIsEverywhere

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