2019 Sneak Peeks

This month marks two years The Ideal Firestarter has been in existence!

As we go into the new year, I am excited about the new things under wraps and which are slowly coming out in the open!

There are going to be more miniseries, with  more pertinent things being on my personal website. I know that you all got a treat for Halloween with two pieces posted, but  not going to happen anymore.  

In the coming year, there will be more stream-lining between the blog and my personal work outside of it.

Don’t worry dear ones!

New year, new fire.

But here are some things to expect in the new year: 

Firestarter Helpdesk: 

I’m the big sister around the camp, so, I’m going to start dispensing this advice to who needs it! Email your questions to jpharris.theidealfirestarter@gmail.com. Anonymity is exercised.

Note: Due to my day job, any instances of abuse or neglect I will contact the proper authorities or give you proper resources.

Local Author Book reviews:

The staff and I love a good read! If there is a book you believe we should read, let us know! The homebase for The Ideal Firestarter is St. Louis, Missouri. We will be reviewing more local authors as well. The Writers Block (new podcast!) will feature a few of them! If you have a book you think is or should be Firestarter approved, email jbharris.theidealfirestarter@gmail.com. The subject line should read Book Firestarter Approved. Include cover art and synopsis.

Firestarter Hotsheet:

These are different than bonus pieces. These are things happening in the world around us that you either need to know or need more light shed on.

And contributors are always welcome! Look for that info in January!

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