In The Light, Choking The Dark

There is something about being grateful! It makes you expectant and hopeful about what it is you must do!

Think of it this way. Gratitude is what oils your joy! It lubricates everything around you, allowing you to make the most of what opportunities are presented to you. This is one of the keys to joy and sustaining it.

The world at large thrives in snuffing out the light brought. It thrives on stealing joy. It thrives on trying to contort your joy, your gratitude to bitterness!

You combat that feeling, you push it away by focusing on what are the greater things! The things you can control, the things that allow you peace. In the space of darkness, look for the light:

What could you change?

Is this situation something that is beyond your control? Should the situation be controlled or played out?

What could change you?

Will your involvement in this situation take your peace or peace of mind? Will it add or take away from you?

Another way to get and maintain your joy is to see what you can do for others! What could you give away to others which will add to them? Help them? This could be as simple as a phone call, donating clothes or treating your best friend to a manicure. Sometimes you have to facilitate your joy by facilitating others’.

Keep the light, dearest ones. Keep the light.

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